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Three Simple Self-Care Beauty Rituals

self-care beauty rituals

It's been a little while hasn't it? There's been many times these past eight weeks since I last posted that I've sat in front of a blank blog post, ready to set my fingers to the keys and yet nothing came out. No inspiration, no jolly demeanour, just nothing.

That's the thing when we're stressed, you just can't force it and need to down tools and practise a little self-care. Over the last few weeks I've really struggled with various unplanned events, family illness, an immense work load and general bad luck that it zapped my time and my joy for blogging. For the first time in a long while I feel energised and ready to crack on with things again. Seeing as self-care has been so incredibly vital to me lately I thought I'd share the beauty rituals that have made me feel a whole lot more human and ready to tackle everyday life again.


Beauty is sometimes considered vain, but for me its a quick win for taking me from feeling poop to fantastic! I figure that if I can do just one small self-care thing a day it's to take some time out in the tub and soak away everything that's grating on me. I find that a bath can shake off a bad mood, a headache and aching tired limbs, so it's my does-it-all solution. What really aids this is a relaxing bath oil. I've dabbled with many oils over the years, from the most purse friendly options to something a whole load more luxurious and fancy but I always return to the Olverum Bath Oil. It's pretty affordable and my local apothecary sells it so its easy to stock up when I'm running low - a situation that I don't like to happen! Yes, we actually have a local apothecary - Apotheca, and it makes me feel quite fancy telling you that! I've lost hours in there looking at all of the pretty jars. Back to the oil... The Olverum Bath Oil is super concentrated so it lasts for such a long time, making it incredibly economical. The essential oils create such a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation that I look forward to my evening soak all throughout the day.

self-care beauty rituals


I am the worst at nourishing my limbs, which considering how well I look after my face is just criminal! So when I take time to keep my skin smooth, soft and moisturised it really elevates my mood and means that I nod off much quicker each night.

Starting with the Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish which I basically bought as it looked so pretty! Luckily, as well as looking good in my bathroom it's one of the best exfoliators I've used in a while. It's sugar based and infused with Moroccan rose and coconut oil and so its incredibly nourishing as well as packing a punch in the scrub stakes. It's perfect for sensitive skin as its not at all scratchy, yet it removes all of my bumpy skin. I gently massage it in until the sugar dissolves into a soft oil, revealing the most smooth and nourished skin. I'm smitten in case you can't tell!

I want to pop on my pjs and jump into bed as soon as I can so hopping around waiting for thick creams to soak in is not an option. The Caudalie Thé des Vignes Body & Hair Oil* is the newest edition to the well loved Thé des Vignes range. It's a blend of uplifting essential oils which include white musk, neroli and ginger which transports me to the mediterranean. That's the best way I can describes this sensual yet light scent - a complete mood changer! It's inspired by the sun setting over Caudalie's grapevines and I can totally see why! What I love about Thé des Vignes Body & Hair Oil the most is that it's a multi-purpose dry oil that comes with a pump so it's so easy to apply and not waste a drop. Caudalie do oils so well, which you'll totally appreciate if you've tried the Divine Oil. Needless to say, my skin is super soft and moisturised these days and sore lizard skin is a thing of the past...

self-care beauty rituals


With my body all sorted, there's nothing I enjoy more in a self-care session than a face mask or two. Having a bright clear complexion so that my skincare works better and my makeup sits well makes me very happy so I indulge in a couple of face masks every week. At the moment where I'm feeling stressed and dealing with the heatwave we're having in the UK, keeping my skin happy and decongested is my number one aim. Gentle exfoliators such as the Pixi Peel & Polish are what I reach for as it does the job very quickly without the need to physically exfoliate and potentially irritate my complexion. Pixi's offering relies on lactic acid which is super gentle, and enzymes to slough away dead skin cells and leave a much brighter complexion. This is the best exfoliator to go for if you're used to manual scrubs but want to dip into chemical alternatives. It has a very fine amount of sugar granules that make it feel like a traditional scrub, and yet there's no need to buff it into your skin.

To go in a little deeper and clear out any nasties, the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask* is just the ticket. I'm not usually a fan of clay masks as so many that I've tried have felt awful on the skin and break me out, but this beaut from Caudalie is my perfect solution. Grape marc draws out impurities and toxins which are then absorbed by the pink clay. As this is a clay mask it does dry down a bit but doesn't have that awful tight my skin might crack feeling which I absolutely hate. It's also really easy to remove and leaves my skin feeling comfortable and ready to go with some serums and treatments. A hero of mine for sure.

What self-care beauty rituals do you practise?


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