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Recent Beauty Favourites

Recent Beauty Favourites

I’ve been testing so many new products over the last few weeks that I thought it was about time I wrote a round up on what’s hot. We’ll also forget that I’ve not written a monthly favourites post for a while as I honestly don’t know where the last couple of months have gone! I’ve been busy, that’s for sure.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been lusting over this gorgeous gold Clarins Face Contouring Palette*. Debenhams very kindly sent me one recently and it’s everything I hoped it would be and more. The pans are a decent size and the shades are pretty universal. The contour does run a little warm for me but then I am painfully pale! A bit of vitamin D would be welcome right now. The formula is finely milled and pretty fool proof. I find the highlighter to be fairly subtle so it’s a perfect everyday pick for me. If you were looking to invest in something a bit special this is one to check out and it’s a good size for your money.

Recent Beauty Favourites

When Anastasia Beverly Hills bring out a new palette I'm there in a heartbeat. Their newest release  Soft Glam is I think my favourite. There are a couple of colours that also feature in Modern Renaissance so you may not want to buy them again. Personally that doesn't bother me as this palette is so well constructed. I would also say that while the palettes are fairly similar, they complement each other. Soft Glam is the dialled down version of Modern Renaissance so a wiser choice if the bright pinks and red tones of MR are too much for you. The shades in Soft Glam are perfect for pretty much every makeup look and it was the only palette I took to New York with me. The formula is exactly the same as Modern Renaissance, and given the drama over the Subculture palette I think was a wise move for ABH. I love Subculture and don't have an issue with how pigmented it is but for many it was too intense, so it's nice to see that they're listen to their customers. If you love neutrals you're going to find it hard to find an excuse not to buy this, I'm just saying.

Spring is finally (kinda) upon us and brings a bit of a re-jig to my wardrobe. Yep, Spring Laura is here and she’s ditching black in favour of blush pink tones and light airy colours. I recently spoke about how I was adding more colour to my wardrobe in case you missed that post. To go along with that is of course nude nails. CND’s Vinylux Weekly Polish is one of my favourites for finish and longevity and I’ve been sporting these new nude pink shades in Uncovered* - a warm toned ballet pink and Unlocked*, which is a cooler more greige toned shade. Both are flattering against my skin tone and they suit Spring Laura to a T. My nails are quite short at the moment so these lighter shades work perfectly. Let’s see what Summer Laura has to offer in the wardrobe and colour stakes shall we?

Recent Beauty Favourites

Also on the subject of nails, as mine are now quite short I'm doing my best to keep my nail beds heathy and tidy looking. I forget to use a cuticle oil so instead I've been keeping the Sukin Paw Paw Ointment* in my bag so that I can hydrate my lips and nails at the same time. A multi-purpose treatment is the only way I remember to look after my nails and I always kick myself when I forget as the difference it makes is quite something! This one is nice and natural and doesn't contain any petroleum so it does actually help the skin retain moisture and heal any sore patches. I am determined to have long nails again by the this space.

There’s been a lot of skincare testing going on so understandably there’s a few standouts for me. A new brand to me is Frezyderm. I've been on the hunt for a light yet nourishing day time moisturiser and I've found it in the Frezyderm Moisturizing 24hr Long Lasting Hydrating Cream*. It's designed for sensitive, dry skin that can react to changing seasons so it's spot on for me at the minute. Frezyderm's products are designed to be accessible and affordable, while still being dermatologist grade with real skin dilemmas in mind. The moisturiser not only intensely hydrates the skin but it contains tripeptides to help prevent premature ageing and antioxidants to help protect the skin from free radicals. It's also incredible soft and cooling to apply to the skin. The only minor downside is the packaging which whilst it looks all medically and cool, is a bit too bulky to travel with. That's literally the only reason I didn't stuff it into my case when I went to New York. I've also been using the neck cream from the range which, while I really like it, I'm not sure if an extra step is needed in my routine. I'm quite diligent with bringing my skincare right down my chest so that works for me. 'Take it to the tits!' as Caroline Hirons would say...

Recent Beauty Favourites

The Frezyderm Sensitive Red Skin Tinted SPF 30 Cream* is designed for covering rosacea so provides a buildable level of coverage and colour corrects. While I don’t have rosacea I do have very sensitive skin that often reacts and can be red and irritated for no reason at all. The Frezyderm CC Cream only comes in one shade but it's surprisingly suitable for my pale skin as it adapts to your skin tone. That said it is a tiny bit darker than I would usually opt for but manages to gives me a slight warmth that’s very healthy looking. Although it does cover most skin complaints, it’s not heavy on the skin and lasts well throughout the day. The Frezyderm CC Cream also includes SPF 30 which is essential for me this time of year and definitely necessary if you have sensitive, reactive skin. The formula is also works to soothe and calm the skin.

Seeing as I've been hitting up new skincare like crazy lately I had to throw in a mask. The Caudalie Instant Detox Mask* is my new 'end of the week, haven't had enough sleep/vegetables' saviour. It's a clay mask which would usually turn me off, except that even though it deeply cleanses and detoxes the skin it doesn't bring me out in blemishes as everything comes to the surface. It uses papaya enzymes to gentle exfoliate and brighten the skin and pink clay to absorb toxins and look less scary while its doing it's magic - we've all been there, right? It also treats free radical damage and leaves my complexion smooth, comfortable and very refined. There's nothing worse than a heavy clay mask that feels incredibly tight on this skin. If that's your pet hate, this is the clay mask for you. I only wish it came in a huge tube!


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