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Algenist Genius Range

 Algenist Genius Skincare review

Now you guys know how much trying new skincare excites me, right? I should probably get out a bit more! So I was very happy to get the chance to put a few products from the Algenist Genius range through their steps and you know what, I'm really impressed. It's definitely in the higher price bracket, but as someone with visible signs of ageing I'm happy to invest in my skincare.

Algenist's entire product range is founded around micro-algae and how it's one of the oldest and most nutrient-rich naturally occurring anti-aging ingredients. It pops up in a lot of skincare and is one of the building blocks of Algenist's range if the name didn't give it away. As algae lives underwater in such a harsh environment, it produces alguronic acid to help protect and regenerate its cells. When added to skincare alguronic acid does exactly the same and so it's a highly effective and proven anti-aging ingredient. While Algenist is uses naturally-sourced ingedients, it's heavily focused on biotechnology to deliver results through a science led approach.

Algenist Genius Skincare

Let's start off with the hero of the range shall we? The Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen Serum* looks mighty inviting in the bottle. The golden nectar inside is thick and gel-like, but its actually made up of pearls of microalgae oil which is rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E. It also contains plant collagen which works exactly the same as animal-derived collagen. As our own collagen supply depletes from our twenties and onwards, it's key to add it back into our skin. I use one pipette morning and evening which melts into the skin and feels incredibly soothing, giving instant radiance and a healthy plumpness to the skin. As I said earlier, it's very much a gel so not like any serum I've tried before. Because of this it can take a couple of pumps to dispense, but one full pipette is the perfect amount.

I feel like I'm collecting eye creams this year as I've got so many on the go. It's my new obsession! In the past month though I've been loyal to the Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Ageing Eye Cream*. It has the most unusual consistency. It's moussey and bouncy, almost like crème brulee so I tend to scoop a bit out and warm it on my finger tips before patting into the skin. It sinks in wonderfully and benefits from the same great ingredients as Liquid Collagen, as well as Persian silk tree extract which helps firm and lift the eye lid. My eyes are much more awake looking and I'm finding that the lines around the corners of my eyes are softer. I'm definitely using less concealer which is never a bad thing as after a long day it can start to look a little dry around my eyes so I'm glad not to have that to deal with anymore!

Algenist Genius Skincare

I'm not one to stick to an entire three step routine all from one brand but I have to say that I'm really seeing the difference by sticking to a predominately Algenist routine - its been a long time since I've been that brand loyal! The final step in my morning routine is the Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream*. The soft cream is incredibly refreshing on the skin and the smoothness I'm enjoying is unreal. It's perfect for all skin types and doesn't overload my sensitive skin. I always like to pop a primer underneath my base to help with hydration and longevity but I'd happily skip it now as this moisturiser primes the skin really nicely for makeup. I'm also seeing less creasing and pillow marks on my skin in the morning so combined with Liquid Collagen its helping things bounce back to where they should be. Waffle face is really not a good look after all!

Another rather cosmetic thing that I like about Algenist's products is that they have a guide on the side of each tub and bottle so you can see exactly how much is left. That's really helpful when products are housed in chunky packaging as you can't always tell how far it goes down. Yes, sometimes these details matter!


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