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Nano Intensive Teeth Whitening Strips

Nano Intensive Teeth Whitening Strips

For as long as I can remember I've been self conscious about my teeth. They've never been very white and growing up one of my front teeth crossed over the other. Years later they're straight thanks to two years of wearing a brace - typically I had mine fitted when everyone else had theirs removed. The joy of being a late bloomer and not getting my adult teeth until I was sixteen!

Over the years I've tried every whitening toothpaste Boots stocks and a few at home whitening kits and strips. The only ones I ever found to work were the Crest White Strips, but they are a pain to get hold of and they made my already sensitive teeth even more so. I'd kinda given up finding something affordable that worked when White Wash kindly sent me some of their Nano Intensive Whitening Strips* to try out.

What's particularly attractive about the Nano Intensive Whitening Strips is that they're affordable at £25 a pack and my local Boots stock them. No more buying from possibly dodgy US websites! But do they actually work?

Nano Intensive Teeth Whitening Strips

The Nano Intensive Whitening Strips come in a box of 28 sealed packs, with each one containing a longer strip for the upper teeth and a shorter one for the bottom. It's a fairly long commitment of almost a month to whiten your teeth but I would literally try anything if it promised a smile I would be happy with. They're super easy to apply; you simply brush your teeth and try to dry them out a little with a towel before applying the sticky strips over your teeth and leaving for an hour before removing.

I tend to lay the strip across my teeth and starting at the middle I press and shape them over each tooth so that the edges are as covered as possible. Otherwise not all of the tooth will be in contact with the whitening gel. Most strips normally need to be worn for 30 minutes so the Nano Intensive Whitening Strips do require twice that time, but that's where I think they excel as they're really gentle. I was honestly expecting them to hurt almost straight away, but one hour down the line and my teeth were not hurting at all. After a few days of using them the staining on my canine teeth completely disappeared and guess what? Still no pain.

I've now finished the entire course of Nano Intensive Whitening Strips and they've clearly made a difference. I'm no longer worried about wearing more orange hued lipsticks which historically made my teeth look yellow and it's really helping my confidence. You guys, I've even been smiling more. Who is this new person?! Joking aside, I'd highly recommend these and will be picking up another pack for a bit of maintenance here and there.

Have you whitened your teeth before and do you like the sound of these?


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