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Why we shouldn't be afraid of ageing and how to do it well


I sometimes think that the beauty industry has a lot to answer. Rather than celebrate women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, it feeds on our insecurities by telling us that we’re not good enough as we don’t all resemble young , slim Victoria’s Secret models with perfect skin, hair and lifestyles, and throws us skin and body concerns we never knew existed.

My main bug-bear is anti-ageing. We ALL age. It’s inevitable. It’s a natural process that every single living thing will experience and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The campaigns behind the lotions and potions thrown at us to ‘fix’ this problem are often quite alienating to boot. Take Dior’s upcoming anti-ageing line, Capture Youth. Its target audience is 40+, yet 25 year old Cara Delevingne is the face of the range. How more un-relatable can you get! We’re not stupid, there’s no way any face cream can make us look 25 again.

It’s therefore no surprise that given how insecure and knackered out we’re being made to feel that many women are instead rushing to cosmetic aestheticians to explore more radical treatments such as Botox and fillers. But this sub-industry has also had a negative rep over the years due to the amount of bad treatments we’re all familiar with. Over inflated lips, frozen surprised faces and puffy pillow faces are all too familiar.

Dr Stephanie Williams, Cosmetic Dermatologist and founder of the Eudelo Clinic in London, is on a mission to spread a more positive message on ageing and aesthetics. Her philosophy, and that of her clinic, and one I strongly resonate with, is to age well. We can’t turn back time, but we can be the healthiest, freshest version of us. In her new book Look great, not done! The art and science of ageing well. How aesthetic treatments can work for you* Dr Williams outlines her opinions on how we can age well, incorporating a board combination of approaches, namely lifestyle, skincare, advanced treatments and aesthetics. Her view is that nothing should be obvious – no one should look over-done, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having aesthetic treatments, as long as you go to someone knowledgeable. We only notice the bad after all!

Look great, not done is both extremely informative and interesting. It goes into detail about how the skin works, what skincare ingredients we should be looking at and what to think about when considering any aesthetic treatments. Dr Williams’ philosophy is really easy to grasp. Yes she offers many types of treatments at her clinic, but she’s not pushing them as the only option to look more radiant and refreshed. Instead she promotes a holistic approach to ageing well.

For example, if you smoke like a chimney, pass on vegetables and cleanse with a face wipe, don’t be fooled to think that a mil of Botox and a bit of filler here and there will do the trick. It might for a while but like a house, if the foundation to your face isn’t great then all of a sudden the cracks will show and the benefits you once enjoyed will be gone. Instead Dr Williams talks through her stairway concept from lifestyle, skincare, advanced treatments and finally aesthetics, insisting that you cannot jump a step and skip to the next level. It’s realistic, attainable and very refreshing.

If you have a keen interest in skin and looking after yourself, Look great, not done! Is well worth a read.

What are your thoughts on ageing well?


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