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Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Review

I'm pretty much a drugstore mascara kinda gal as the way I see it, they either dry up or need to be replaced every three months. Therefore I try and save a few pennies in the 'ol mascara department where I can. However every now and then I like to treat myself to a more expensive pick. The Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara* has been on my list since it launched but I was lucky to be gifted it at the Look Fantastic X Urban Decay event a couple of weeks back and have been putting it to the test ever since. Look Fantastic is one of my favourite online beauty shops so it's great that they've added Urban Decay to their roster. I like to be able to find all my favourite brands in once place!

The Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara is something to look at isn't it? The faceted prismatic packaging is rather alluring lets be honest. This mascara is supposed to create an insane amount of volume and not budge no matter how hot and bothered you get - sex proof apparently. My eyes are pretty sensitive and being a contact lens wearer it doesn't take much to irritate them, so whole zero budging situation was pretty appealing.

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Review

I've worn this mascara pretty much every day since I got it and I've really been enjoying it so far. The wand is made of rubber which is always my preference and it has lots of super spiky bristles that grab hold of even the tiniest of hairs. This helps separate and comb through the lashes, so even my long lashes don't clump together. The formula is super black and pretty dry which personally I like, but won't be for everyone. This dryer formula makes for superb buildability and I like to apply two to three coats, with one on the bottom. The result is very volumised fluttery lashes with awesome separation and length. I actually think it makes me look like I have more lashes than I actually have which is an added bonus!

I tend to wear makeup for 12-14 hours a day so it gives ample time to test the longevity of any makeup product. I found that the mascara didn't transfer onto my eye lid at all but after a few hours there was a little bit of smudging underneath my bottom lashes. This is most likely because I have tendency to touch my face throughout the day which I know is a terrible habit (I'm working on it, promise) but nevertheless demonstrates that the Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara isn't quite waterproof. I do really like the formula and the effect it has on my lashes though so if you're in the market for a new mascara this is definitely worth checking out. If you tend to wear mascara to the gym though this might not be the one.

It's not Look Fantastic at the moment but you can buy the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara here for .

Will you be picking this up?


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