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Stella McCartney EDP

Stella McCartney eau de parfum

I've had this little bottle of Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum for a few years now, but it's only recently that I realised quite how much I loved it, and also how many fragrance purchases it later inspired.

I'm always the same with scent, I buy something new, adore it for a few weeks and then I either move onto a newer purchase, or I reach for an old favourite.

That's exactly what happened with Stella.

Yet, after this little purple bottle of wonder joined my collection, my tastes shifted. It triggered a new love for all things musky, spicy and warm, and ever since I've leant towards those more sensual 'grown up' scents.

But, back to Stella, as it's become my number one, my flavour of the month once again. And I truly adore it. Now, I'm not really that great at describing perfumes, and I doubt me simply informing you that it "smells nice" will cut it, so I'll try and elaborate. Bear with...

Stella McCartney eau de parfum

Stella McCartney eau de parfum is most definitely a floral scent, first and foremost. It's very much a modern floral though and not in anyway overpowering. Notes of English rose and peony keep it feminine and sophisticated, yet it combines these with woody amber base notes to give it a warm musky edge, top notes of mandarin essence for freshness and a tiny bit of a sweet edge. I'm not sure whether that description does it enough justice, it really is one you need to stop and smell for yourself!

For me Stella is an all year round kind of deal, it's warm and cosy enough for the colder months, but it's seeing me through the summer quite nicely so far. And it's actually one of the few perfumes that has any longevity on my skin, most likely due to the bold base notes which really hold their own.

Have you tried Stella?


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