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The Affordable Lucy Williams X Missoma Horn Necklace Dupe

lucy williams missoma horn necklace affordable dupe

I used to be of the opinion that dupes or designer inspired pieces were a waste of money and I would much rather go without or save up and get the 'real deal', but I've done a complete 360 in recent years. Yes, I still love buying designer handbags and I do truly believe it's best to invest in key parts of your wardrobe that you know you'll live in, but sometimes it's really worthwhile picking up a cheaper dupe.

Seasonal trend pieces are a great example of this as you're not going to get a great amount of wear out of them, and sometimes its worth road testing a more affordable piece to see how much wear you would get out of its designer counterpart.

That's exactly what happened with me and the Lucy Williams X Missoma Large Horn Necklace. A few months ago it seemed to be everywhere, and I desperately wanted one. But I couldn't bare to part with over £100 on one necklace.

lucy williams missoma horn necklace affordable dupe

As if by fate I spied this almost exact dupe from H&M for just £3.99. I picked up the gold version in store but I could only find it in silver online so worth a mooch around your local H&M if you want to pick one up. So needless to say I snapped it up and it's hardly left my neck since. As I've worn it so much and I've also probably doused it in perfume (a big no no!), it's seen better days for sure, but I'm now pretty darn certain that I would get lots of wear out of the real mccoy - which has just come back in stock and will most likely be mine very soon...


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