Thursday, 29 June 2017

Brand Spotlight: Palmer's Skincare

Palmer's cocoa butter skincare

I've been testing out some amazing skincare from Palmer’s recently so thought I’d give you a little overview of the range and share my thoughts on the products that I’ve been using. Palmer’s are really well known for their gorgeous smelling cocoa butter infused bodycare products, but I’ll be honest, I had no idea they had a skincare range as well. I’m kind of kicking myself on this one as it’s a bit of a winner! Palmer's skincare and lip care range consists of a few more products than what’s featured here so I highly recommend checking out the full range.

Let’s jump straight in with Palmer’s Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil*. This is a delicious blend of 8 pure oils which dissolves makeup and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. It’s quite a lightweight formula which emulsifies with water and doesn’t leave any stickiness or a film on the skin afterwards. The cleansing oil easily melts away my mascara and eyeliner so there’s no rubbing or any of that nonsense. I’ve been really suffering with hayfever this year so my eyes are really sensitive. I’ve never had it before so I have a new found sympathy for regular sufferers, how do you guys cope?!

Palmer's cocoa butter skincare

The Palmer’s Purifying Enzyme Mask* is a nice treat for dull or congested skin, best used once or twice a week. It’s a kaolin clay based mask which detoxes the skin, but it also contains papaya fruit acids for gentle exfoliation. As far as clay masks go when they dry down, this one is really comfortable, it’s really creamy which must be down to the cocoa butter – which smells heavenly I might add, so no fear of your face feeling like it’s about to crack! My skin is looking much more radiant and smoother as a result and it also means that my serums and oils sink straight in to do their job.

Which brings me nicely onto the Palmer’s Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil*. Probably my favourite product of the four I have, this is quite a luxurious little oil for the price point. I tend to use oils in the evening so this is lovely to massage in at the end of my skincare routine. It comprises of a blend of anti-ageing oils, cocoa butter, resveratoral – an antioxidant derived from grapes, but most surprisingly it also contains retinol. I love retinol for helping tackle ageing so was very happy to see it in the ingredients. Retinol can be quite harsh on the skin but the Palmer’s oil is very gentle and doesn’t cause any peeling or discomfort. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and so far my skin is very soft and nourished feeling – definitely hiding the late night Netflix sessions so I’m going to keep going with this!

To complement the oil, in the day I’ve been enjoying the Palmer’s Skin Perfecting Moisturising Day Cream* as my morning moisturiser. It’s fairly thick so I just use about half a pump a time. It’s the most scented of the four, but I love cocoa butter so that’s no issue for me. Although it’s quite thick, it sinks in super quickly, and leaves my skin nourished and soothed. It’s also packed with anti-oxidants and includes SPF 15 so perfect for city-dwellers and commuters like me, although as you know I always add on a separate SPF afterwards. Some things never change…

If you love cocoa butter and you’re looking for an affordable range definitely check out Palmer’s as they have pretty much everything covered!

Laura x

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Palmer's cocoa butter skincare


Saturday, 24 June 2017

Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer beauty essentials

This little heatwave we've been having has meant its been far too hot for much makeup, or really any makeup actually. So I've pared things right back and have switched up my makeup in favour of a few summer beauty essentials.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Fixing Damaged Hair

fixing damaged hair

Last year I got into the habit of dyeing my hair peach or pink every couple of weeks, using the hair dryer a little too often and not having my regular 8 week trim. The result? Dry, frazzled hair that resembled hay. Well done, Laura!

My hair got to the point that it would just tangle into a frizzy mess and wouldn't even take in hair dye anymore so I'm making a much more concerted effort to look after and repair my locks by using a few different methods.

Kinda obvious (although not to me as I still kept blowdrying for far too long!), but the hairdryer had to go. And the straighteners. I'm not the biggest fan of letting my hair dry naturally but I had to get into the habit of doing so. I wash my hair as early as I can in the evening to give it time to dry before bed, and by gently combing it with my trusty Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash* I can stop it from turning into a frizzy mess. I don't know what I'd do without my Tangle Teezer, honestly I use it every day on dry hair, wet hair and for distributing conditioner and hair dye.

I've heard so much about Olaplex that I had to try it for myself. I haven't found a salon near me that offers the treatment, so I picked up a bottle of the Olaplaex No 3 Treatment which is that at home version. So I don't know how it compares to the salon version but I've been using it as a weekly overnight mask and its definitely making my hair feel smoother and less crazy looking. It did take a few uses to see the difference but the condition of my hair is much better. I put it on damp hair, comb through with a Tangle Teezer and pile my hair up in a loose bun overnight before washing it out in the morning. Super easy!

fixing damaged hair

Kerastase Elixir Ultime for Coloured Hair

I go through stages of using hair oils so I've made sure I stick to using them much more frequently, and to both damp and dry hair. I'm really enjoying the Kerastase Elixir Ultime for Coloured Hair. This is a delicious blend of rich oils, including argan and maize which really nourishes my hair and stops it from tangling and going frizzy. Applying it to dry hair has been a game changer as I find that day two hair and beyond gets quite dry and straw-like with the frizziness returning. Using a hair oil helps nourish the cuticle and means that you don't need to add heat to smooth your locks out again.

The last time I ruined my hair was with a perm in 2009 (can you just imagine that?!), and back then I switched to Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Shampoo for a few months before going down a notch to Bain Satin 1 and it completely sorted my hair out. My hair isn't as damaged as it was then thankfully so I've gone straight in with Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 1 Shampoo for some extra moisture. It gently cleanses the hair and uses proteins to restore its strength at the same time. The Nutritive range also benefits from lipids which creates a shield on the hair fibres, locking in moisture and preventing further dryness.

I'm finding that my hair is cleaner for longer too, so I can comfortably go three days now, maybe even for at a push. Washing is quite stressful on hair, so if I can cut down on this as well that would be an added bonus. I'm using the matching Kerastase Nutritive Lait Vital Nourishing Care Conditioner and it's doing the job so far. As conditioners go it's very light, so perfect for fine haired gals like me. Conditioner isn't something I get too excited about but this is a really nice moisturising pick.

Do you have any tips for mending damaged hair?


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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

An Accidental Space NK Haul

Space NK Haul

I had one of those dangerous shopping trips last week when I went into Space NK to pick up a cleanser and ended up buying a load of other bits as well. And then I went back in on Friday and bought more...don't judge! Quite a few people said that would like to see a haul so here it is.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

SPF For Sensitive Skin

 SPf for sensitive skin

Sun protection is a topic that most of us are guilty of not knowing enough about, and if we're honest I  bet we're even worse at wearing SPF on a regular basis. I know I've been pretty bad in the past anyway! Having sensitive or acne prone skin makes the whole issue a little bid more complicated, as a lot of sunscreens can make matters worse. The key I've found is making sure you're using the right formula for your skin type and also using it every day. But where do you start?

Friday, 2 June 2017

The Affordable Lucy Williams X Missoma Horn Necklace Dupe

lucy williams missoma horn necklace affordable dupe

I used to be of the opinion that dupes or designer inspired pieces were a waste of money and I would much rather go without or save up and get the 'real deal', but I've done a complete 360 in recent years. Yes, I still love buying designer handbags and I do truly believe it's best to invest in key parts of your wardrobe that you know you'll live in, but sometimes it's really worthwhile picking up a cheaper dupe.

Seasonal trend pieces are a great example of this as you're not going to get a great amount of wear out of them, and sometimes its worth road testing a more affordable piece to see how much wear you would get out of its designer counterpart.

That's exactly what happened with me and the Lucy Williams X Missoma Large Horn Necklace. A few months ago it seemed to be everywhere, and I desperately wanted one. But I couldn't bare to part with over £100 on one necklace.

lucy williams missoma horn necklace affordable dupe

As if by fate I spied this almost exact dupe from H&M for just £3.99. I picked up the gold version in store but I could only find it in silver online so worth a mooch around your local H&M if you want to pick one up. So needless to say I snapped it up and it's hardly left my neck since. As I've worn it so much and I've also probably doused it in perfume (a big no no!), it's seen better days for sure, but I'm now pretty darn certain that I would get lots of wear out of the real mccoy - which has just come back in stock and will most likely be mine very soon...


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