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The Chanel Boy Bag

Chanel Boy Bag Review

Guys, I did something a little mental. I finally treated myself to a Chanel Boy bag! Yes, I know this is an absolutely crazy and extravagant purchase but I have dreamed of owning a Chanel bag for as long as I can remember. I'm very lucky to have a small collection of designer bags which I've saved up for and bought myself over a long period of time, and I absolutely adore my Mulberry bags and some of the newer additions to my collection like my Chloe Faye, but there has always been a Chanel itch that need scratching so I just bloody went for it!

I've been looking for a new bag for a little while and weighing up which one to get, but when I looked into Chanel's prices and saw just how much they were going up - as in at least £500-£600 every year - yes I know, crazy! - it just made sense to get one now and certainly before the next huge price hike. I always knew I would own one eventually, so why hold off and off, only to end up paying way much more than I could have? That's my rationale anyway (and I'm sticking to it!).

Chanel Boy Bag Review

Chanel Boy Bag Review

I've always loved the iconic Chanel Classic Flap bag, but you know, it just wasn't me. It's too refined and lady-like and I'm such a tomboy. So after much deliberation and internet stalking, I went to Harrods and tried them all on. The Chanel Boy bag caught my eye the most and it just went from there. I love the masculine edge the Boy has on the Classic Flap. It goes with my entire wardrobe and totally transforms any outfit.

I went for the lambskin, which is Chanel's most luxurious leather. It's also the most delicate and scratches easily so that is something to bear in mind. That said, this bag is my baby and it will be very carefully looked after! But it will be worn, so as careful as I am, I have accepted it won't be scratch free forever. When buying such an expensive purchase this something to consider. I want to own this bag forever and one day pass it on, but I want to wear it and love it and really enjoy it. After all, gotta get that cost for wear down, right?

Chanel Boy Bag Review

Another point that I really had to consider was the hardware. The Chanel Boy is currently available in shiny gold or antiqued gunmetal which was my choice. I think the androgynous style of the Boy looks so good in gunmetal with it's thick chain. I've always thought the Classic Flap looks the best in the grainy caviar leather with gold hardware and the Boy had to be in smooth lambskin with silver hardware personally. I wear equal amounts of gold and silver so I could pick either colour hardware, but these are all things to consider when making such a large luxury purchase. If you always wear silver then it makes more sense to go for silver hardware and vice versa with gold, but its down to personal preference after all.

I decided on the Boy in the medium size. The small was just a little too tiny, it probably just fits the very essentials which isn't very practical for me. I don't want to tote around a large amount of junk - and believe me if I have the room I will fill it with about 20 lipsticks! However I don't want to have to cram everything that doesn't fit into my pockets. The medium fits my purse, phone, keys, a coupe of lipsticks and a few other bits, or if I swap my purse for a card holder I can actually fit my Canon EOS M camera in it - perfect for every day.

Chanel Boy Bag Review

What really surprised me about the Chanel Boy bag was it's weight. It's so light! Considering the chain is quite chunky it really doesn't weigh me down, even when its full. The chain is super comfortable across my shoulder too and the bag sits nicely just below my hip. You can probably tell that I'm besotted with my new purchase - I regret nothing!

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