Thursday, 29 December 2016

On Trial - Pestle & Mortar Cosmetics


You know me, I love discovering new brands, and I also love effective skincare. The newest brand in my skincare drawer is Pestle & Mortar Cosmetics which fits the bill perfectly. They're an Irish family run business, with a simple agenda; simple and effective skincare.

The thing that often gets me with skincare is that it can be a bit too technical. Now, I like to get a bit geeky with ingredients every now and then, but more importantly I want to know how to get the best out of a product and I want to see results. Pestle & Mortar have achieved both of these for me over the past month already.


First up is the Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum. I have quite recently learnt the importance of including a serum into my routine, and as my main aim is moisture, this is the ideal pick for me. Perfect for any skin type, this hydrates dull and dry skin; both fixing any existing dehydration, and helping plump up fine lines and wrinkles for juicy and plump skin. Hyaluronic acid is so important to include once you hit the big 30, as it hold 1000 times it's own weight in moisture and ensures your skin remains radiant and healthy. The serum is quite lightweight and watery in texture, so is best used after cleansing and before any other heavier serums and oils.

The product that first piqued my interest and introduced me to the brand via Caroline Hirons was the Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil. I've been using retinols for a couple of years now, as again, they are essential once you hit a certain age. Retinols/retinoids or vitamin A is considered to be the only proven anti-ageing skincare ingredient (alongside SPF for prevention). Retinols though can be quite harsh on the skin, often resulting in sensitivity and peeling. As the Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinol Night Oil is suspended in oil, much like Sunday Riley's Luna, it is much gentler on the skin, while still being highly effective. It also contains a blend of organic, cold-pressed oils which work to even out the skintone and texture, as well as reducing pore size. The cold-pressed oils contain vitamins A, C E and B, as well as omega 3 and 6, so it's packed with ingredients to help regenerate and protect the skin. It's literally a little miracle worker! At £63 it might not be to everyone's budget, but I honestly think you get what you pay for here and to me it's money well spent.

I think Pestle & Mortar are a brand to keep an eye on - expect great things from them.


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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Buying Glasses Online

After losing my Chanel glasses on holiday this summer, I've been on the hunt to replace them with a more inexpensive pair that look the same and are still of good quality. were very kind to get in touch and answer my prayers by letting me choose a pair from their range of eyeglasses. I went for the Aquarius Rectangle style in Tortoise* which are actually quite a good dupe for my long-lost Chanel loves. The slightly oversized frames are really flattering and they're the perfect fit for my face. I think the colour of them is really nice too, as sometimes black can be a little harsh.

Buying glasses can off putting in person I find - most of my trips to the opticians have involved pushy sales people anyway, so for me getting eyeglasses online is super easy after doing it a few times now. Most sites, like have a large selection, and they often include all the measurements so you can compare them to a pair you already own. Many have an online simulator where you can upload your photo and 'try on' the glasses to see if they suit you. Buying online is often a lot cheaper too, unless you go for designer frames which will be more expensive anyway.

Your opticians will usually give you a copy of your prescription on request, and mine actually emailed it to me. What I tend to do is attach this to my order if there's a facility to do so, or email it over after placing an order. That way you can be certain that they have the correct details. The sign of a good online store is that they ask for your pupillary distance (PD) and give you details on how to find this out (you need to measure it yourself, your optician won't provide this). Essentially it's the distance from the middle of your nose to your pupil so the prescription is in the right place.

I love my new glasses so much - they really suit me I think. I'm also now a lot less sad about my Chanels! Its always a good idea to have a second pair, so if you're looking for some I'd definitely pick them up online. I'm actually thinking of grabbing some prescription sunglasses too as they have loads of cool styles to choose from.

If you'd like to pick up a pair for yourself, use the code GSHOT50 on for 50% off a pair of frames and lenses.


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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Festive Party Hair With The ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler

ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler

ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler

At this time of year comes the annual office Christmas party, and with that the dread of how I'm going to make myself look presentable and more importantly how to do my hair. You know I'm not particularly great or adventurous with my hair, but this year it's all change thanks to the ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler*.

ghd were very kind to gift me the ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler Premium Gift Set* and set me the task of coming up with a sparkly festive do. And I really hope my curly creation does it justice!

ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler

This is a limited edition styler and darn is it gorgeous. Copper is enough to make me swoon at the best of times, but the styler has a few new features from my old set that really stand out. First of all, the edges of the ceramic plate have a more rounded edge - perfect for waving and curling hair. If you struggle to use straighteners to curl your hair, this new feature on the Platinum Copper Luxe Styler is a game changer.

The styler features ghd's new tri-zone technology, which means it has three sensors in each plate which maintain a safer heat, resulting in less breakage and more shine. It's also a little easier to weld due to the new wishbone hinge - perfect for cack-handed people like me!

The Premium Gift Set also comes with a rather lovely padded heat-proof storage pouch, which honestly is a godsend for resting the styler on as you do your thing with them, and the two most beautiful Nails Inc nail polishes which totally match in the copper goodness stakes.

ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler

ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler

ghd also very kindly sent me some of their hair products to help style and keep my locks in place, as well as some glitzy accessories to finish off the look. I have used the ghd Heat Protect Spray* for as long as I can remember. It's a super fine, lightweight mist that distributes evenly through the hair, protecting it and very importantly, not weighing it down. It's the start of my hair routine every time I use heat.

To prep the hair and hold in the curls I misted the ghd Curl Hold Spray* through the lengths of my hair before reaching for the ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler to create my soft curls. I focused the curls on the mid lengths and ends of my hair, as I think this looks really flattering. I kept things messy, grabbing different sized pieces and worked my may around the hair in sections. While my hair isn't that long yet, I have a lot of it, so working around in sections is the easiest way for me to style my hair.

The ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler glides through the hair effortlessly so a single pass is all you need, further limiting any heat damage on your hair. To finish off the look I added some sparkly hair accessories and a little mist of the ghd Final Shine Spray* for some extra shine. And here you have festive party hair that takes around ten minutes and little to no effort to create.

ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler

ghd Platinum Copper Luxe Styler

I seriously suggest putting this on your Christmas list and dropping hints like a crazy person over the next couple of weeks, but also ghd are giving away a Platinum Copper Luxe Premium Gift Set every week up until 7th January. All you need to do is post a photo or video of your embellished hairstyle on Instagram and use the hashtag #GlitzTheSeason. Go, go go!


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Friday, 9 December 2016

My First YouTube Video - Easy Everyday Neutral Makeup Tutorial

So I finally plucked up the courage and filmed a YouTube video! I've been meaning to do it for such a long time but always found an excuse not to. It's an everyday neutral makeup tutorial, so nothing too fancy but I thought I'd share the makeup I seem to be reaching for most days.

Please go an have a watch and leave me a comment. Also, please don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any of my future videos.


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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Loving Lately #3


I've really been digging a few things lately so it's high time for a little favourites round up. I do mean to do these more frequently than I currently do, so its something I need to work on!

I feel like I've got my skincare and make up down at the moment which makes quite a change for me. My skin loves a consistent routine, so I've been giving it exactly that. Starting off with the Roger & Gallet Aura Mirabilis Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask*. I'm almost out of this now so this reminds me to pick up another tube as its that good. It can be used either as a cleanser or a mask and is quite similar to the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. It's a gel like formula which emulsifies into a milk on contact with water, leaving skin purified, radiant and soft. Its lovely to use as a mask first thing in morning to really wake up your skin. After 5 minutes my skin is left glowing.


Hylamide is a fairly new brand to me, but I was looking for a new all-rounder serum suitable for my sensitive dry skin so I picket up the Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Serum. My skin has been so dehydrated the last couple of months since finishing Roaccutane, so I was keen to add in some extra hydration without irritating my skin. SubQ is packed full of hyaluronic compounds - no less than five to be precise, as well as peptides and even a retinol complex, so it really does cover all bases. My skin is much plumper and radiant and my fine lines look considerably reduced. Pretty much everything that Deciem produces contains so many high percentage active formulas for purse friendly prices and the results I've seen are really good so far. I really want to check out some of the NIOD range next.

I've been opting for really simple makeup lately, hardly any base and a neutral eye with a cat flick, but I have been playing around with lip products. I really like the NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound. It's the perfect my 'lips but better' dusty mauve. The formula of these is quite interesting, neither a gloss nor a lipstick, but somewhere comfortably in the middle with a semi-matte finish. I can't stand sticky products so this is perfect for me.


I'm having a complete By Terry love in it would seem. Now this is a pricey brand, but what I love about the range is that it's makeup with skincare benefits that's designed for ageing skin. So I feel assured that while I might spend a bit more, I'm going to get good results. The By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer did make my eyes (and bank card) weep at £44, but it is really worth it for me. I suffer with fine lines and as my skin has been a bit dehydrated they look worse at the moment so I need non-cakey products to smooth over my under eyes. The Densiliss concealer is almost like a serum, so it really hydrates the skin and conceals any darkness. Over time it also works to firm the skin which is pretty impressive.


As I've been going for a really light base, the By Terry Cellularose CC Cream has been my go-to. Like the concealer, it's almost as light as a serum which I really like as it's so hydrating. I find a lot of CC creams to be quite thick and difficult to blend, but this By Terry offering is anything but that. It's definitely light coverage, but enough to blur out any redness and imperfections and I find it's almost undetectable. As it's part of the Cellularose range it does include a rose fragrance so might not be for everyone. Personally, I would rather makeup was unscented, but I do love rose so it's really not an issue. Combined with the good skincare I've been using, my skin looks naturally brighter and pretty radiant so I'm very happy indeed!

What do you think of my picks?


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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

christmas gift guide

I thought I would join in and compile a gift guide this year as I'm feeling Christmas for sure. This year is especially exciting as it's our first Christmas in our new house. It's crazy to think that this time last year the whole purchase was in question, so it's something of an achievement that we're now finally here!

Maybe this will give you some shopping inspiration, or perhaps you'll be putting a few things down on your own Christmas list.
It wouldn't be Christmas without a candle, and Diptyque is always my go-to. Every year they release three limited edition candles, but I think this has to be the best one yet. Epices et Delices is the most perfect gingerbread candle. I find most to be really sickly sweet and synthetic, but this Diptyque offering is quite spicy and warm thanks to honey and star anise.

Urban Outfitters Pink Marble iPhone 6s Phone Case - £10 (reduced from £16)
Phone cases are a good bet if you're not sure what to get for someone, or if they literally have everything. Let's face it, we all know someone like that! This pink marble case is so pretty (and seriously Instagrammable!).

How better to introduce someone to the iconic Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel than with this little travel sized pick? Inside the cracker is a 40ml fun sized edition of one of my favourite cleansers. It leaves skin so radiant and purified and is probably my most recommended skincare product.

Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham Modern Mercury Highlighter - £48
As part of this very special collaboration range, Estee Lauder and VB brought back one of the brand's most loved highlighters. It's a super flattering pink shade which packs a punch in the sparkle factor and it looks absolutely exquisite in it's slick and quite substantial luxury packaging. It's also limited edition which I think is a nice touch for a gift.

christmas gift guide

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - Surreal Light - £69
Another limited edition pick here, but certainly one any beauty lover would have palpitations upon opening! This handy little palette contains two blushes, an all over face powder, bronzer and highlight, so you've got everything you need here to achieve the most beautiful complexion. Let's not forget the swoon-worthy marble packaging either!

Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Palette in Fair/Light - £28
A good alternative if you're sticking to a tighter budget is this eye and cheek palette from Stila. It comes in a few different colour combinations to match different skin tones or preferences, but inside you've got a great collection of shades that I'm always reaching for.

If you're looking for a stocking filler for a beauty lover then this new palette from Sleek is the one! It's part of their Rockstars collection which is all rather beautiful and the palette contains six shimmery shades from a rose gold to a champagne hue, so you can create the most pretty sparkly look imaginable.

Whistles Cornelia Triple Zip Bag in Leopard - £160
Leopard print is everywhere at the moment, and so flattering when used on accessories like this Whistle bag. It's surprisingly roomy with three zipped compartments too. The back is plain leather so it's quite versatile.

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash* - £13.99
I couldn't be without one of these now (or three if you want to be precise!). The Aqua Splash version is perfect for gently combing a hair mask or conditioner through your tresses without causing any snapping or damage. It's a must-have for me so makes the perfect gift in my book.

christmas gift guide
Another little cute stocking filler, or maybe to go alongside something else. Yardley's hand creams are so nice and nourishing and they sink in quickly without any stickyness, so this 50ml Lily of the Valley hand cream is perfect for gifting. Or, you know, keeping for yourself because it's so darn cute. I think I'm going to struggle to give this one away...

Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream Perfume - From £49
Yes, I know perfume is a tricky thing to choose for someone else, but I really do rate this one! It contains both floral and citrus notes so its going to appeal to most people. I'm not going to try and describe how it smells, just trust me when I say it's a bit addictive and like nothing else I've tried before now. I always receive compliments when I wear it too.

Yardley English Rose Gift Set* - £10
This little gift set includes an English Rose perfume and matching body spray, so it's a perfect gift on its own or as a stocking filler. A good one for Secret Santa to give to a work colleague or for someone who adores rose as much as I do. Yardley's scents are so beautiful, they stick around but aren't overpowering or too synthetic.

Face by Pixiwoo - £9.99
I love this book so much, it's probably aimed at more makeup novices, but there's definitely something in there for everyone, and of course for all fans of Sam & Nic Chapman. It's a very well thought out makeup bible and includes loads of makeup artist tips and tricks.

I literally read this from cover to cover when I picked up my copy. Estee very eloquently shares experiences from her life so far (both good and bad), and discusses what's made her the person she is now. You will laugh along with her amazing humour and maybe even shed a tear or two. I love her even more after reading this. What a gal!

Happy shopping!


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