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The New Obsession - ABH Master Palette by Mario

ABH Master Palette by Mario Review

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario is autumn in a palette. And it really is beyond gorgeous. It's a limited edition release which annoyingly isn't reaching UK shores, so when I saw it had come back in stock on Sephora after selling out super quickly I didn't hang around. So it did end up costing me fifty something pounds in the end once factoring in shipping, but as you can see it's already been used a far bit and I am literally obsessed with this palette!

ABH Master Palette by Mario Review

The Master Palette is a very well thought out little palette, designed by Mario Dedivanovic, who is mostly known for being Kim Kardashian's makeup artist and for also introducing the world to banana powder - how did we survive before this?? The palette contains twelve autumnal and warm shades that will bring a smile to any neutrals lover. Each shade is named after a person or place that have inspired Mario, and there's definitely a good Kim shade in there. As you can see, Kim, Marina and Paris are firm favourites so far.

This is my first foray into the world of ABH eyeshadows, and the quality is pretty darn amazing. They're well pigmented and lovely and buttery, but as a result they can be quite messy to dip into. I literally just dab my brush on the shadows to pick up product. I apply my base products after eyes so fall out isn't really an issue but worth mentioning none the less.

ABH Master Palette by Mario Review

Mario has covered all formulas in this curation. From satins to shimmers to mattes, it's all here. The palette is predominately warm in tone but there's a couple that are on the cooler side, and it's nice to see the green hues of Bronx and the almost blue-toned granite Claudia.

If you find that you often have shades in your eyeshadow palettes that never get any wear I would recommend picking up the ABH Master Palette. I'm yet to delve into all of the colours but each and every one of them appeals to me and I've created so many different looks so far. I'm going to get so much use from this so it's a very good pick for me. Just gutted it won't be around forever as I will definitely be hitting pan on this!

Will you be picking this one up before it's too late?


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