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How To Hide A Bad Skin Day

How To Hide A Bad Skin Day

If there's one thing I learnt in the 10 years I had acne, it's how to hide a bad skin day. There were times that my skin was so bad I'd be so upset after seeing my skin in the morning that I just couldn't face leaving the house, which isn't ideal so I had to pull myself together and come up with a few ways that I could disguise the devastation on my face and get things done. So, today I'm sharing those tips with you.

Go easy on the foundation
The temptation to build up a mask of foundation is real, but it's only going to look cakey and harsh. It will also accentuate any lumpy dry areas and make it more obvious. A light base and concealer just over the blemishes is all you need. Lisa Eldridge's legendary pin point concealing technique is a live saver!

Little layers
One layer of concealer might not be enough depending on how bad your breakout is, so setting your concealer with a translucent powder and applying another layer of each helps keep everything in check and will be much more long lasting. Just where you need it though!

Keep your makeup 'you'
If you wear minimal makeup usually don't go full on dramatic with smokey eyes and a strong lip to cover things up. You'll not only feel a bit self conscious but it could draw attention to the areas you're trying to hide.

Play up your features
That said, play up another part to draw attention away from any trouble areas. I often go for a slick of liquid liner to divert attention away from my chin or rock a bright lip to bring attention further down my face. Do pick your lip colours wisely though, as if your skin is angry and red a pink lip could make things look even more irritated. I think you can't go wrong with a classic red personally.

Highlighter makes everything better, I swear! It really makes the complexion look radiant and healthy. It's an instant pick me up. A little drop of face oil is also one of my go-tos for hydrating the skin and making it look much better than it actually is.

Wear something you love
Those shoes that make you feel amazing, or the dress everyone compliments you on will make you feel much better. Go for something that makes you feel good about yourself and confident - and smile!

Do you have any tips for hiding a bad skin day?


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