Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Impulse Beauty Buys

impulse beauty buys

I do love picking up new things on a bit of a whim as there's something so exciting about getting it all home and testing it out. Over the last few weeks I've picked up a few things that I've had on my list for ages, as well as a new beauty release. So today I thought I'd share them with you.

The only product here that's not a first purchase is the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Hands down, nothing beats this on drying time and it leaves the most glossy, hardwearing finish. I can literally paint my nails, apply a coat of Seche Vite and go to bed 20 minutes later. No more duvet marks and funny little dents! The only thing with this topcoat is that it does go gloopy after a while, hence the repurchase. It's also a lot cheaper on Amazon so head over there if you want to pick one up.

I'm really self conscious about my under eye bags and am always on the hunt for correctors and concealers to hide those bad boys and to fake some extra sleep. Dior have released a range of correctors as part of their autumn 2016 'Skyline' range which I have been super intrigued by. I picked up the Dior Fix It Colour 2-In-1 Prime & Colour Correct - Face-Eyes-Lip in 200 Apricot, with the hope that it will help cancel out my green blue discolouration. I'm yet to use this, but when swatched the formula is super creamy and blendable - I have great hopes! If you're unsure about colour correcting and which shade to go for, Escentual have a great post on their site which explains everything - I highly recommend reading it.

To set the Dior corrector I picked up the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. This has been out of stock forever so I was worried I'd missed it completely, but my patience worked out in the end. It's a super finely milled translucent powder which sets and brightens the skin, perfect for under the eye! I'm hoping I can keep this in my bag and use on the go without throwing most of it down myself. Only time will tell...

You're probably all too aware that I do love a good lipstick, but up until this week I've never owned one from YSL. The shock, the horror! Anyway, this had to be turned around so I picked up a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 44 Nude Lavalliere. It's a gorgeous my lips but better shade with a little pinky kick and I'm super excited to wear it. The formula of the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine range is so sheeny and moisturising so I think it's going to be quite comfortable to wear on my parched lips.

No makeup haul is complete without a little foundation addition, and I've wanted this since it was released. The Make Up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation is so travel friendly, and as I do my makeup on the train to work I really wanted to pick it up and see if it made my life easier. It's supposed to be a second skin invisible foundation, although it has a bit of dew to it. My skin is still a little dry for foundation, but as soon as things are a bit more settled I'll be wearing this as much as I can. Stay tuned to see what I think of all of my new purchases.

What have you picked up recently?


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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday Beauty Rituals

Sunday beauty rituals

Without a doubt, spending time on a Sunday to relax and indulge in a little self-care sets me up for a much happier and stress-free week. It's something I've always done and I look forward to my Sunday evening bath and pamper as it's just so cathartic.

A gorgeous candle always relaxes me and creates a dreamy environment while I run my bath. It's always a Jo Malone or Diptyque number as you really can't beat them in my opinion. My go-to at the moment is Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom. It's quite a unique scent; both warm and floral as well as spicy, and it really packs a punch and fills a room which I love.

A gentle bath milk or bubbles are a must, and I'm quite partial to a Lush Milky Bath or Rose Jam Bubbleroon, although I've run out of both so am testing out the Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations range and everything smells so gorgeous! The Zoella Bath Latte softens my skin, leaving it nourished and comforted due to the dreamy trio of sweet almond, cacao and honey. If I'm feeling extra fancy (and I will be tonight!), I also like to throw in a scattering of the Zoella Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules or a cube of the Zoella Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer and sit back and enjoy the sweet scents.

I know I haven't talked about it for a while or posted an update, but I'm still on Roaccutane so my skin is still super sensitive and dry, so when having a pamper I tend to focus on deeply nourishing my skin with soothing, gentle products. To cleanse I tend to opt for an oil, and my current favourite is the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil. It's a fairly thin oil which removes any dirt and grime and is wonderful for having a little massage with before rinsing it off. I can't say I really know what I'm doing when it comes to facial massage, but I give my complexion a good kneading to get the circulation going and to attempt to drain any puffiness away. It feels pretty relaxing which is all part of my Sunday ritual so I must be doing something right!

To exfoliate I always use the Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator as it contains jojoba beads that are super fine and don't irritate my skin. It also has avocado oil, so it's actually a really moisturising cream exfoliator. My skin is always so smooth but not at all stripped or sensitised afterwards. It's one of my top picks from Antipodes for sure. To add moisture back in, I'm still really enjoying using the Avene Tolerance Extreme Masque*. This is without a doubt the most soothing and comfortable mask I've come across, and after washing it off my skin feels so plump and nourished. It only contains 7 ingredients, so it's good to know how gentle and non-irritating the formula is. You can read my full review here.

Lastly, I finish with a generous helping of the La Roche-Posay Toleraine Ultra Nuit moisturiser which is aimed at sensitive and reactive skin. It sinks in super quickly, meaning I can jump into my bed and catch some zzzz's super quickly, and come morning my skin looks and feels comfortable and nourished. It also helps to stop your skin being as sensitive over time, so it's super effective and you can't lose basically! I quite often apply an oil underneath, although I'm trying to limit the amount of oils in my routine at the moment so that it doesn't clog my pores. Lately I've been reaching for the Nude ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil which adds extra moisture and softens my skin.

Do you have a Sunday beauty ritual?

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1 review - Lucia Pica

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1 review - Lucia Pica

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1 review - Lucia Pica

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1 review - Lucia Pica

Red eyeshadow is not something that I've ever considered or dabbled in before, its far too outside my comfort zone of neutrals. However, Chanel have managed to pique my interest by releasing their A/W 2016 collection, Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1.

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1 is the first collection by Lucia Pica since taking on the role of Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer at the beginning of 2015, and it certainly marks a new and exciting direction for Chanel. Lucia is known for her love of bold, strong colour, and Coco Chanel herself was an avid lover of red, so it's no surprise that Lucia's debut collection is centered around striking red hues.

The stars of the show for me are the eye products, namely the Candeur et experience eyeshadow quad. As well as the dreamy red shade, which is made wearable due to it's almost brown/burgundy undertones, there's a warm taupey brown that makes the ideal crease colour or all over base, a more red toned medium brown to add definition and a chocolate brown to intensify and line the eyes. I'm still playing around with combinations at the moment, as I've found this to be a surprisingly versatile little palette that I'm going to get so much wear out of. I have indeed gone to work wearing red eyeshadow and didn't look like I hadn't had any sleep! That's the beauty of the colours in this collection, they're strong but yet so wearable and as you'd expect from Chanel, they're super blendable and well pigmented, with no fall out.

But there's yet more choice for eyes within Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1. The Illusion D'ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows really are a force to be reckoned with. Rouge Brule is the most striking rusty orange colour which is certainly a top pick for me. The other cream colour, Rouge Contrast is a reddy brown which makes for a dreamy eyeliner to really make the eyes pop or smudged under the eye to really intensify. I do love a cream formula on the eyes and both of these are such a lovely bouncy texture which has the most wonderful almost foiled effect on the eye.

I tend to pick up a Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner from the majority of their collections as they're great to throw in your bag to transform your makeup on the go. In Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1 there are two shades, Eros, a cranberry hue and Agape, a rich brown that really reminds me of MAC Teddy. As they are twist up pens there's no faffing about and I love these creamy eyeliners.

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No 1 is my ideal autumn collection (who knew?), and it's really excited me for what's to follow from Lucia Pica. This isn't one to be missed...

Will you be picking up anything from the collection?


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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Five Time Saving Beauty Products

Five time saving beauty products

Time is something that I'm always lacking, and if I can find a multi-tasking beauty product, or one that makes my life easier I'm all over it. We're going to France early tomorrow morning for four days with just cabin luggage, so I've been trying to downsize my life into the smallest collection of products possible. So now is definitely the time to crack out those time saving beauty products.

My new base obsession as you'll know by now is the L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. This is so easy to use thanks to the cushion inside the little tub, and I can apply this in a matter of seconds, just by gently tapping it across my complexion. It's fairly compact, and as the foundation is held in the cushion it's not at all messy and perfect for travel. I think I need to pick up the second shade in the range in the hope I get a little bit of a tan.

Highlight and I are great friends, especially Becca highlighters. The colour pay off is somewhat magical! New to the Jaclyn Hill Champagne collection is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Slimlight in Champagne Pop. It's the gorgeous gold highlight that we all love in a stick formula. It's not as pigmented as the powder, but its so quick and easy to apply. It's particularly great for applying to the corners of the eye, nose, brow bone and cupids bow, but I've been going to town and using this all over. As it's in a little pen it's so handy and it lives in my bag. I might have to invest in the other two colours that this comes in, Pearl and Topaz.

To really save on time in the morning, tinting brows and lashes is the way to go. I've used the Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint in Dark Brown*  few times before, and it's a super easy way to disguise any sparse areas (or if you've been a bit tweezer happy!). This is brilliant as it means I can get away with just enhancing the shape of by brow and not needing to spend ages on them of a morning. In the heat this is a life saver, as quite frankly I don't want my brows melting off! Colour-wise, Dark Brown is a good match for me and it's not faded too much since I applied it earlier in the week.

For my eyelashes, the Colorsport 30 Day Mascara in Black* means that I can forget about mascara if I want and go au natural. When I'm on holiday I find the heat, contact lenses and getting a bit hot can irritate my eyes, so the less I need to wear makeup around my eyes, the better. Application is pretty easy, but obviously as it's so close to your eyes a steady hand and taking your time is key. It's a two step process where you simply apply a few coats of the colour solutions to your eyelashes, leaving it on for a minute to develop before doing the same with the colour gel before rinsing it all off. The kit comes with a little pad of papers that you stick under your eye to protect the skin, and it's pretty fool proof. I applied the 30 day mascara twice to give an even blacker colour pay off which I was happy with. My lashes are quite dark anyway, so the result on me is never going to be dramatic, but if you have fair hair then tinting is a must. My lashes are darker and give the illusion of being fuller too.

I do have unruly long eyebrow hairs though so I always have a spoolie on me to keep them in check. I recently started using the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Definer, which has a spoolie on one end and a angled flat tip on the other. This makes combing through my brows and slightly outlining the arch super easy. As I've tinted my brows I don't really need to do much to them, but sharpening up the edges and tidying the line underneath makes all the difference. The Brow Definer can create really fine hair like strokes as well as filling in super quickly when turned on it's side, so it couldn't be easier to use. It literally takes about 30 seconds to do each brow; if that isn't time saving at it's best I don't know what is.

What time saving beauty products do you reach for?


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