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Roaccutane Beauty Essentials For Dry Skin

Roaccutane Beauty Essentials For Dry Skin

As I've had to deal with brutally dry skin as part of my acne treatment, I thought I'd share my top tips and products for helping keep your skin in check if you're also taking Roaccutane and happen to sit in the dry skin camp. A lot of acne sufferers have oily skin so while their skin will go quite dry and flakey, its even harder for us naturally dry skinned girls.

It goes without saying that everyone's different, and no two people have the same experience on this medication, and that you should always listen to your dermatologist's advice. These is just my opinions based on my own personal experience of Roaccutane.

Hydration is King
Roaccutane stops breakouts from happening by halting oil production, and also really dehydrates you in the process. So drinking lots of water daily and sticking to a gentle, consistent and hydrating skincare routine are key. I've actually quite enjoyed expanding my routine a little and by using more products. Serum is a step that I don't use enough normally, and it's actually made a vast difference when used twice a day.

Products to try: Hylamide Booster Low-Molecular HA, Nip+Fab Dragon's Blood Plumping Serum*, Radical Skincare Youth Infusion Serum*

Layer Lightly
Creating a little sandwich of products to inject moisture and keep your skin happy is well worthwhile. Serum and moisturiser aren't enough for me, so I've been adding a facial oil in the middle. Something light for the day and soothing and repairing for the evening makes all the difference. Always remember to start with the thinnest product and work up, so serum, then oil, then moisturiser. And don't whack too much of each product on either as it will ball up and roll off.

Products to try: Oskia Restoration Oil, The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum in Oil, Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Roaccutane Beauty Essentials For Dry Skin

Don't Skip Primer
I've always used primer so wouldn't dream of missing this out, but if you don't use one already then it's something you should explore. There's so many to choose from now, so this is another opportunity to add a layer of moisture, or a nourishing formulation that adds glow and radiance to your skin to help hide the dryness.

Products to try: Too Faced Hangover Face Primer, Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base, Stila One Step Correct

A Light and Radiant Base
You might be breaking out either due to existing breakouts or maybe those that a lot of people experience at the beginning of taking Roaccutane. Either way, you'll want to cover things up but your skin is most likely sensitive and easily irritated as well as being drier, so just applying a light bb cream or foundation is a good habit to get into. You can still apply concealer where you need it, but steer clear of heavy foundations that won't let your skin breathe. Opting for a light and dewy base will instead give you such a lift and will make your skin glow.

Products to try: BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation, bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, Rodial Skin Tint + SPF 20*

Roaccutane Beauty Essentials For Dry Skin

Highlight, Highlight, Highlist
I cannot recommend highlighting enough! It really awakens my dry complexion, so much so that I've been getting quite a few compliments on my skin lately. Considering how rubbish my skin was, this has been such a confidence booster. Highlight really does add a lit from within kinda glow and I can't get enough of it! 

The SOS Kit
I have a little kit of products that go everywhere with me. For one, I can't be without lip balm as I'm applying it literally every half hour or so, and I also always have an intensely hydrating cream or balm on hand for any sore irritated areas should I need to add more moisture throughout the day. These products have really stopped potential skin catastrophes (ok a bit dramatic but you get the picture).

Do you have any tips to share for combating super dry skin?



Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Summer Ready Skin: Nip+Fab Bust Fix & Bust Fix Night

Nip+Fab Bust Fix and Nip+Fab Bust Fix Night

Apparently it's almost summer, although the inconsistent sun and constant rain might contradict that somewhat... And it's always this time of the year that I feel guilty for neglecting my body and make a feeble attempt to eat less pizza and paint my toe nails for a few months - is that just me or am I normal and actually everyone does this?! This year, however I'm really concentrating on my skin as Roaccutane has made my already dry skin a bit lizard-like and no-one wants to see that, lets be honest.

So it was quite timely that I was sent the Nip+Fab Bust Fix* and the newly launched extra potent Nip+Fab Bust Fix Night* formulations to try out, and as summer is around the corner (hopefully), I've been putting these babies to the test. Nip+Fab Bust Fix is a gel formula designed to improve the look of your cleavage by plumping and refining the skin and improving tone. The key ingredient is Chronodyn which is a cell energiser that aims to tone and firm the skin by basically kick-starting cell metabolism. All very interesting stuff.

I have been rather religiously using Bust Fix in the morning and Bust Fix Night in the evening and I've certainly seen an improvement. Now, we know that creams that claim to change the size and tone of our body can't work miracles, in reality they give a little helping hand and if combined with exercise you'll see more changes. For me, I haven't noticed a change of size or shape of my bust, but what I have seen is that my skin is much more nourished, refined and less bumpy than it was, as my decollete does have a bit of an uneven texture. I also noticed is that the little creasy lines that I tend to wake up with (hi old age) are less apparent so I'm hoping that continued use improves them even more.

Nip+Fab Bust Fix and Bust Fix Night are super easy to apply as they're both moisturising gels which sink straight into the skin, meaning theres no hopping about waiting to dry before getting dressed. As Bust Fix Night designed to be more potent, its ever so slightly thicker as you'd expect a night cream to be. It still sinks in super quickly, meaning I can cuddle up and catch up on my beauty sleep faster. The scent is also super dreamy and makes me feel quite relaxed, so perfect for bedtime! What I will say is that I don't think there's any point buying them both personally. As Bust Fix Night is supposed to be more potent and as it sinks in really quickly its a winner for both morning and evening for me.

Will you be trying this?


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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam

Since having skin drier than the Sahara, I've been getting majorly into highlighting and strobing. I've always used highlighter, but lately I've been upping my game by about 200% and have been told my skin looks radiant and glowy as a result. I find highlighter adds so much life to my skin so its now a step I now can't forego. One of my key highlighter picks is the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam.

The palette houses four pretty generously sized highlighters which complement fair skin perfectly. Going from the lightest shade of Crushed Pearl to the more golden Mimosa, the shades in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit can either be worn alone or layered. I tend to use Crushed Pearl in the corner of my eyes, brow bone and cupids bow, and go all out with mixing Starburst with either Hard Candy or Mimosa for my cheekbones, temples, nose and chin. Or sometimes I use all of them if I'm really feeling it. I also like using Hard Candy as a blusher as it has such a flattering pink tone to it, and Mimosa is awesome when applied lightly as a subtle bronzer. I think it would also look gorgeous on collar bones on top of a tan. I'll have to work on a tan to test that one out though! There's certainly no shade that's a dud, that's for sure.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam

If you're used to using Becca highlighters you'll probably think that the shades in the Gleam Glow Kit aren't quite as pigmented, but I find that they build up really nicely and you can achieve great coverage with them. They're actually designed to give more of a lit-from-within-glow rather than to ensure your cheekbones are visible from Mars, so depending on your goal you will either love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit or find it needs a little more layering. Personally, the colour payoff is perfect for me, and I think they show up really well on my skin.

Have you tried this or are you tempted? I've pretty much convinced myself that I need the warmer toned version of the Glow kit now too when it comes back in stock!


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