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Caci Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial: The Most High-Tech Facial You'll Ever Have

Caci Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial Review

Last week I was invited to Caci Beauty in Rochester to experience the Caci Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial*.  Without any doubt, this is the most high tech facial you'll ever come across. Shane Cooper, my Caci facialist, explained that there's many different Caci treatments, but the Ultimate Facial gives you a little taste of them all. Perfect. Caci is a super advanced high tech non-surgery system, revered by many celebrities for its results which rival more intrusive alternatives. There's no relaxing massaging and the like; this is essentially a workout for your face using facial rollers, microdermabrasion and LED light therapy.

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you'll know that I have dry, dehydrated, acne prone skin, but ageing and my eye bags are also big concerns of mine, so I was really keen to see what Caci could do for me.

Caci Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial Review

The Caci Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial comprises many treatments in one, so Shane started off by using crystal free microdermabrasion all over my face, concentrating on my areas of concern to deeply exfoliate and cleanse the skin, removing impurities and refining the texture of the skin. It's an odd and tingly sensation, especially going over the nose as it vibrates away; but certainly not too uncomfortable.

Next up came the wrinkle comb, which has needle like prongs, on my marionette lines and other areas of concern. This uses high frequency and photo stimulation technologies to stimulate collagen production to plump out lines and wrinkles.

The facial toning element was, I think, the most effective. Using micro-currents, Shane moved all over my face, essentially waking up my facial muscles. I couldn't feel this at first (even to Shane's surprise as the machine was on full blast!), but after a little while I could feel the slightly warm tingles. It wasn't painful, more reassuring that it was working! Facial toning helps to tone areas that are starting to drop and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Shane spent a fair bit of time on this step, running the serum filled buds of the tool across my skin for maximum results.

The last step was the most relaxing, which featured a hydro mask to intensively moisturise and replenish the skin after the treatments. Shane applied the thick gel mask to my lower face and ran over it with face firming rollers which also use an electrical current to push moisture into the skin. This was super calming and my skin drank in the moisture.

Caci Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial Review
So did it work? Well I think the above pictures clearly answer that. My under eye bags are greatly reduced, as are my marionette and forehead lines. My skin felt plumper and softer, and come the next day the results were even better. Caci is designed to be used in a course of 10 treatments for best results, and I'll be booking in with Shane for further treatments. His focus on results, knowledge of the system and friendliness was second to none. I'm super happy with my Caci Ultimate facial experience.

Will you be trying this out?


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