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Restoring your colour with Colour Excellence Hair Detox

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Colour Excellence launch party where I had this amazing caricature picture drawn of me and learnt about the new Colour Excellence hair product range. It consists of three products, one Hair Detox, Highlights Brightener for brunettes and redheads and another one for blondes.

As someone with coloured hair, I'm very aware of the damage that can happen to my hair if I'm not careful and I try and keep it as strong as I can and really limit heat styling were possible. As my hair is super fine, it gets greasy very quickly and styling products weigh it down, making it dull and lacklustre. So I was pretty excited to try the Colour Excellence Hair Detox* as it's designed specifically for colour treated hair. It deep cleanses the hair and scalp but without damaging colour, which is a combination that's hard to find. I do use clarifying shampoos once every couple of week's to help remove buildup but they do strip my colour out, so for me this is a great alternative.

To use Colour Excellence Hair Detox you simply mix the vitamin C powder sachet into the bottle and shake it up and apply allover to towel dried hair after washing. After rinsing I added conditioner and air dried my hair. Once dry my hair felt so soft and bouncy, which considering how lifeless it usually is (darn you fine hair!) was pretty impressive. This is one of the benefits that I think really sets Colour Excellence Hair Detox apart from clarifying shampoos. My scalp felt really comfortable and not at all stripped and my  hair colour more vibrant and copper toned than usual.

I'm off to New York tomorrow which is mega, mega exciting, so once I'm back I'll be testing out the Colour Excellence Highlights Brightener to see how that measures up and removes all the smog and pollution out of my hair so look out for that one :)

Hope you have a great week and I'm sure there will be some hauling when I get back!


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