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Clear skin must-haves

clear skin must haves

I've pretty much got my skin under control at the moment thankfully, but as my skin is so sensitive and blemish prone I never really know when things might change. I've been using these three products in my routine over the last few weeks and they're a pretty darn good combo for keeping my skin clear and comfortable.

As I have dry skin, exfoliating is essential for me. Getting rid of dead skin and clearing pores makes such a difference to my skin. I do use exfoliating toners but I love to use a manual exfoliator once or twice a week too. I'm probably on my forth or fifth tube of the La Roche Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub now, which is a really gentle and fine scrub. It doesn't scratch or irritate my skin at all, even when i have active breakouts. Alcohol, paraben and soap free, this little scrub is full of calming thermal spring water and leaves my skin comfortable, silky smooth and radiant to boot.

I find that sticking to a routine for a few weeks or more really helps my skin and keeps it happy so I try not to swap things around too much. This can be quite tricky at times because as a blogger as I do like to try new things. The trick is to only change one thing at a time, that way you can test how your skin gets on with it but without freaking it out. I recently introduced the Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Face Mask* into my routine and I've seen a great improvement already. It's a kaolin based clay mask infused with tea tree and macadamia oils to deeply cleanse and calm skin. Heads up, it's quite tingly on the skin when you first apply it, but personally I love this feeling! It feels so refreshing and you know it's getting to work. It doesn't feel like your face is going to fall off though so don't worry. It's quite a light and comfortable clay based mask to wear and once removed my skin feels as smooth as glass. Now, a lot of clay masks can make you breakout as they draw impurities to the surface but I haven't found that to be true of this one. Maybe that's down to the tea tree oil but either way I'm hooked.

To keep my skin hydrated but not sticky or shiny, I'm loving the Zelens Hydro-Shiso Balancing Moisturiser. I talked about this one in more detail here but it's so lightweight on the skin while provides such a hit of moisturise. I've just bought another tube of it and I think this has firmly become a permanent member of my routine. It give me just the right amount of moisture and it sinks in super fast, giving the perfect base for makeup. A considered purchase it might be, but if you have dry, thirsty blemish prone skin you'll be thankful for this.

What are your clear skin must-haves?


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