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Three Green Blemish Busters

topshop colour correct primer

swatches of topshop colour correct primer

I really struggled to find a decent title for this post, could you tell? I wanted it to sound thought out and whatnot but instead it sounds like one of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes!

Anyways, my skin has really been playing up lately and combined with a cold that wouldn't budge I've been feeling quite meh about the whole thing. I think my skin is down to stress and not being as kind to it with a poor diet and not enough sleep but I've been relying on this little trio of green tinted products which have thankfully made quite a difference!

I've had this little tube of Mary Kay Spot Solution for Acne-Prone Skin* for a some time, but as my skin was a-ok for quite a while I didn't have a proper opportunity to test it out. Now this is my little buddy. It's really light green in colour and so I find it perfect for using under makeup in the morning as it helps disguise angry red blemishes in an instant. It sinks straight in with no residue and doesn't dry out my skin. It uses salcylic acid to clear out pores from within so it's really effective too. I've been looking for something to use during the day for ages and this is definitely it!

I bought a few bits from Topshop's beauty line a few weeks ago as I don't think I've tried anything new from them for ages and there were so many nice things! What particularly took my fancy was this Topshop Colour Correct Primer. To say I love primers is a bit of an understatement as I always have a few on the go and I'm starting to hoard them a bit! It's such an essential step in my routine though, I really do rate them. When you have a long day ahead of you that little bit of reassurance that your face isn't going to slide down to your collarbone is really worth it. This green primer brilliantly takes down the redness from my breakouts and leaves my skin feeling very comfortable and dewy. It provides the perfect base for my foundation and leaves my skin radiant and hydrated.

For ages now I've been looking for a good green concealer but not many brands seem to make them. I really wanted to try the NYX one but it's always sold out, but when in Boots recently I picked up a super cheap Natural Collection Corrector Stick. I tend to use this to cancel out any big patches of redness as well as dotted on top of blemishes with a light BB cream underneath and it really does a good job of disguising everything. My skin has been so uncomfortable lately as my breakouts have been quite plentiful and sore and I really don't want a thick layer of foundation on top. No sir.

My skin is starting to get it's butt in gear and heal up (bout time!), so hopefully I can do some makeup looks on here soon as I'm itching to show you some of the other Topshop goodies I bought recently!

Hope you're all having a good week :)


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