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Slimming Solutions Teatox Review

Slimming solutions teatox review

Slimming solutions teatox review

The tea drinker in me has long been curious about tea detoxes and the potential benefits. There's quite a few on the market now, and as I'm someone that does suffer from the bloat I was keen to try out the Slimming Solutions Teatox* (£19.99) when the opportunity arose.

Slimming Solutions Teatox is a 14 day programme which aims to flush out toxins, cleanse your stomach and increase energy levels, while boosting your metabolism in the process. It's pretty straightforward; you drink a combination of a daytime blend every morning and an evening blend every other night. Simples. I'm pretty forgetful so I did have to leave the packets out to remind me to drink them.

The daytime blend was my favourite out of the two, it contains a base of Chinese oolong tea and includes other natural ingredients such as Siberian ginseng, fennel, lemongrass, and ginger root. First up it's not the nicest smelling tea, maybe down to the very natural ingredients, but taste-wise I found it to be quite pleasant and not too far off of green tea.

The evening blend is a combination of senna leaves, hawthorn leaves, lotus leaves, valerian root and liquorice root to name few. These ingredients can act as a mild laxative quality, although I must say it didn't affect me in this way at all. I had imagined I'd spend about 238596 hours in the bathroom over the course of the two weeks but I can safely report that nothing of the kind happened! Sorry, a bit much I know but it's worth mentioning! I have to be honest and say that the evening blend smells really quite horrid and the taste is not too much better, so I did add a bit of lemon to try and mask the taste a bit. Luckily the evening tea is an every other day affair so it wasn't too bad but I did have to try and gulp it down the first couple of times.

So did it work? Well, I'm on the fence a little. I didn't lose any weight, although that wasn't my main goal. In the first week I didn't notice any difference but come the second week I did feel less bloated than usual and I definitely felt more comfortable after eating. I also didn't feel as snoozy as I usually do, and considering I've been flat out working lately that's always a positive. As I said, this didn't have any side effects or laxative qualities for me, but everyone is different so if you're unsure please make sure you speak to your doctor before trying and sort of detox programme like this.

If you're looking for a mild detox, then you might want to try out Slimming Solutions Teatox.

Have you tried a teatox or would you consider trying one?


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