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Some thoughts on conditioner

Some thoughts on conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner go together like cleanse tone moisturise or maybe macaroni and cheese, but lately I've not been so sure. As my hair is super fine and coloured, the struggle to keep it from going greasy in hours, yet giving it oomph and nourishing the ends is one that is real. I've washed my hair every other day for years and even on day two dry conditioner is needed to get me through the day.

So for a while now I've been switching things up. I started by reverse washing, so using conditioner then shampoo but it didn't really make a difference. So clearly feeling a bit rebellious I then I even need conditioner? For the last two months or so I haven't used conditioner much at all. Once a week I will add it onto the ends to help them out a bit, but other than that, nada. The result? My hair has much more volume to it and even though it does still need dry shampoo on day two, it's not as lank as usual. It's worth pointing out that I use Moroccan oil religiously, otherwise my hair would most likely be a matted up mess!

My hair is still in really good condition, even though my various bottles of conditioner have been sat in the bathroom feeling quite unloved. A couple of weeks ago I went for an obligatory trim and my hairdresser actually said that you don't always need to condition (I feel less guilty now!).

Then I kinda did a complete 360 and lightened my hair as it's been looking a bit dull and afterwards I gave it a good conditioning, root to tip just to try and help it from drying out. I think I'd forgotten how soft conditioning makes my hair, but strangely even after conditioning all over my hair was still clean on day two and day three...crazy! So yeah, I'm now quite confused about this entire conditioner thing but I think I'm going to welcome it back and enjoy silky tresses for a while and try and go an extra day in between washes if I can and train my hair not to go lank so quickly.

Bit of a rambly post, sorry if that's not your thing! I'd love to know your thoughts on conditioner and do you have any tricks or tips for keeping your hair fresh that little bit longer? Or have you managed to go four or more days between washes?


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