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Help: Clear Skin Review

Help: Clear Skin Review

My quest for clear, spot free skin has led me to many topical treatments and the odd course of antibiotics, but recently I have been trialling Help: Clear Skin* (£22.94 for 14 sachets), a powder formula that you add to a drink/food once a day. I was understandably quite sceptic as I've never tried a supplement like this before, but I trialled it for a month.

I added it to my morning latte and I found that the only taste Help: Clear Skin has is that it's a bit sweet so you could always substitute this for sugar, which I'm sure will benefit your skin anyway! My skin hasn't been too bad since the horrendous pre-wedding breakout in October so maybe it wasn't the best time to try this. For two weeks my skin was perfect, no breakouts and wasn't too dry which I normally suffer with, particularly this time of year. Then I got a horrid cold and typically I did have a few spots appear. However, they healed super fast and haven't scarred at all, which considering I'm quite prone to scarring was a surprise. Within a couple of days everything had disappeared and my skin was completely clear for the rest of the trial.

The active ingredient is PravENAC, a biotic protein which contains lactoferrin, which reduces the development of bacteria. It also contains zinc gluconate and aloe zero which are also effective at improving the condition of the skin and keeping it nourished.

I finished the course a week and a half or so ago, and guess what, spots galore! I've got some nasty sore ones that I just can't ignore so am really concentrating on my skincare at the moment, and am thinking that I need another course of Help: Clear Skin as it clearly did help my skin.

From what I've read some people have had very dramatic results, which I haven't, but it certainly did help my skin. If you suffer with blemishes and maybe have sensitive skin so are nervous about tropical treatments you might want to give Help: Clear Skin a go.


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