Thursday, 6 November 2014

Four for tired eyes

Tips for tired eyes antipodes eye cream elemis eye treatment and the body shop drops of youth eye concentrate

As the "windows to the soul", our eyes give everything away. Every takeaway, naughty salty or chocolate treats and in my case, lack of sleep and overuse of IT! As much as I'd like to sleep more and spend less time in front of a computer, it's just not possible to make a drastic enough change to improve my tired, sore eyes.

However, there are a few things that I head straight for when things are getting a bit dry, dark and puffy.

I've spoken many a time about having sensitive eyes, and I've searched high and low for products that deliver moisture without aggravating my under eye area and causing sore red bumps. I find the Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment (£40) a very soothing lightweight serum which I especially like to use in the mornings. It delivers enough moisture to smooth out my fine lines and gives a great base for makeup. I find it sinks straight in and feels nice and refreshing to apply. It's an anti-ageing formula too so hopefully it will help slow things down in the long run too. Well a girl can hope anyway!

Fast forward to lunchtime, and by then I've been stuck in front of my computer for a few hours with artificial lights and no windows nearby. I don't work in a dungeon, it's not that bad, but it does take it's toll and I find my eyes often get a bit tired and dry. I keep The Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate* (£18) in my makeup bag and it's so lovely to pop on when you need it throughout the day. I love the metal rollerball applicator, I could just roll it around my eyes all day! I spoke about this in more detail here and I can't get enough of the cooling sensation it gives.

For the evening I like to give my skin a proper pamper and this includes my eye area too. I find the Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream (£24.99) perfect for this job, as it's a very nourishing but not too heavy cream. I've had this pot for ages and it's still going strong as you only need a tiny amount and it's super moisturising. Antipodes are one of my favourite skincare brands, my skin gets on so well with it.

Lastly, as I wear contact lenses I try and give my eyes at least two days break from them as pulling your eyes about trying to get the damn things in and out isn't the best thing for the most delicate area of your face! I take them out the second I get home each evening and try and wear my glasses at weekends. I think my eyes thank me for it, I know I'm grateful for the extra 5 minutes in bed!

Do you have any tips for tired eyes?


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