Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lush Snow Fairy

A photo of Lush Snow Fairy

I've been wanting to try Lush Snow Fairy (£3.75) for years now. Available only in the winter, Snow Fairy is their Christmas best seller. I've had to travel recently with work so rather than take a mashoosive bottle of shower gel with me, I bought a little bottle of Snow Fairy to take instead.

It looks so pretty in the bottle, it's very pink and girly indeed! It's also very glittery but it doesn't leave you coated like a disco ball! This year it's been reformulated and now has seaweed in it which is supposed to soften your skin. I have super dry skin but I didn't find that my skin felt any different unfortunately. I really wanted to love this but it's just too sickly sweet for me. Lush Snow Fairy smells exactly like candy floss, which I do like the smell (and taste of!), but on my skin...hmm not so sure! I'll definitely use it all up but I won't be buying this for myself again. But at least I can say that I've finally tried it!
Snow Fairy would make a perfect Christmas present for a teenage sister/niece/cousin, so if you're stuck for gift ideas it's worth checking out. Lush sell this as part of a couple of sets too, so if you love sweet and girly scents (or know someone who does) you might want to stock up before Christmas! 


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