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Richard Ward Chelsea Collection

My hair never wants to play ball. I want it curly but it's straight. I want it straight yet sleek, it's a bit frizzy. I want volume, its flat as a pancake. Sound similar? We always want the hair that we don't have, why is that?
Volume is my main hair want and I've been using the Richard Ward The Chelsea Collection Keratin Volume Shampoo & Conditioner* for a couple of weeks with the hope that they will give me some much needed bounce. I'm always sceptical about shampoos that claim to do this and that rather than just clean your hair as in the past they've just contributed to build up and hey-presto, greasy flat hair!
Luckily for me these do actually deliver. They contain keratin which helps to strengthen the hair shaft and keep it healthy, along with wheat protein for body and sugar beet that keeps my hair super soft and silky. The conditioner is really nourishing but not at all heavy. My hair lasts for 2 days before it looks a bit lank (3 at a push with dry shampoo), and its definitely bigger and feels really light and soft. My only gripe is the bottles, they're a bit flimsy and its a bit difficult to get the product out. I might take the lids off as I feel like the bottles might crack.
I've also been using the Keratin Rehab Ultra-Moisturising Intense Rejuvenating Treatment*. Apart from having the longest name I've seen for quite some time, this mask gives my hair a much needed moisture boost. The first time I used it I went a bit overboard and found that a little goes a long way. I find it makes my hair really shiny and it dries a lot less frizzier.
I'd definitely buy these again and they're also exclusive to Waitrose so you can get them brought to your door with your groceries! Happy Laura.


  1. really good review will have to get my hands on some of the volumising ones x

    1. They're really good for the price too! x




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