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Oils I couldn't be without

Oils are such an integral part of my skincare routine now, I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. So much so that I hardly ever use a night cream these days. For so long I applied so many layers of serums, oils, treatments, you name it, that nothing really worked as my skin was so swamped in product!
Now I've found a routine that really works for me and I've scaled it right back to basics and my skin is a lot happier. Now I'm not layering it all up so much, the products I have on rotation can sink in and do their thing.
My go-to-fixer that I use probably 4-5 nights a week is the Pai Rosehip Bio-Regenerate Oil. I wrote about this in-depth back in June but it never fails to amaze. It sinks straight in and has rescued my skin so many times. I'm almost out of it now but applied on a regular basis I've seen my blemish scars heal significantly. This is my holy grail oil if there's such a thing.
A recent-ish discovery of mine is the more budget friendly Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil which is also much easier to get your hands on. This serum-oil hybrid is designed to be 8 hours beauty sleep for your skin and I can't argue with that. It's more watery than the Pai offering but sinks straight into my skin, leaving it really soft and plump come morning. On the odd night that I do reach for a moisturiser, I go for the cream from this range which is lovely and hydrating too.
When I'm feeling indulgent and want a really lovely pamper I use the Elemis Cellular Recovery Bliss Capsules. The capsules contain Moringa oil which helps renew the elasticity of the skin, whilst anti-oxidants remove pollution from the cells and help combat ageing. These are quite pricey at £63 for a month's worth. Pictured here is a limited edition supersize tubs from QVC (thank god for Easy Pay!). You're supposed to massage in a pink rose capsule after cleansing in the morning, and a relaxing green lavender capsule come evening as a course for either a week up to a month. I tend to do a couple of weeks at a time like this but as I said earlier I use them when I'm having a good pamper session on a Sunday as well. There's something so addictive about these, especially the evening capsules. They smell amazing and you're supposed to inhale the aroma as you massage them in to unwind. True bliss!
On that pampering theme, lastly I always have a couple of bottles of the Elemis Frangipani Monoi Oil to hand. This is actually hard in the bottle and you pop the bottle in warm water to melt it before applying it to the skin. I tend to put the bottle in the bath as I'm getting out and once I'm dry its warm and melted. I also use this as a hair treatment. If I'm just around the house on a Sunday I'll often massage it into my hair and pop it in a bun for a couple of hours. It smells wonderful, a truly dreamy product, and one of my favourite smells of all time. Frangipani is quite a marmite scent I think. I don't normally like sweet smells but this is utterly divine. Elemis have a full Frangipani body range so if you like that kind of thing I highly recommend it!

Do you have a favourite oil you can't be without?



  1. The Body Shop's serum-in-oil is one of my favourites! I love the scent of frangipani so I'm quite tempted by the Elemis oil, it's great that you can use it as a hair treatment too :) xx

    1. It's so good for the price isn't it? The Body Shop are one of my go-to brands for skin care at the moment. Frangipani is so gorgeous, if you love it then you will definitely enjoy this oil xx




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