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Sleep-in Rollers Review

I think we are all a little too guilty of over using heat appliances on our hair, and as much as heat protectant does help reduce damage, it doesn't beat giving the tools a break once in a while. I have ridiculously fine, flat hair and I struggle to put any life into it. I'm trying to grow my hair so have been relying on regular trims and not using much heat on my hair. To give it a bit of body and bounce I tried out the Sleep-in Rollers* (£19.99) to see if it was possible to inject some life into my hair minus the damage.
I went for the pink leopard set, which includes 20 velcro sponge rollers, some kirby grips to keep them in place and a DVD which shows you how to put them in. The set also comes in a gorgeous pink leopard print drawstring bag to keep them in.
I've used rollers only a handful of times but despite this it didn't take me long to put them in. I washed my hair and left it to dry for a while and started putting the rollers in when it was just a little bit damp. This is the best time to put them in as your hair sets much better than when its dry. I sectioned my hair so that each section was no wider than the roller and started rolling them in. The velcro on these is really strong, and I found it really clung to my hair. Once I was happy each one was in place I used a kirby grip to make sure it was nice and secure. The grips went in quite nicely between the sponge of the roller and the velcro outer.

I used 19 of the 20 rollers in my hair in the end (maybe because I have a pea head?). I always struggle with the sides of my head around the front because  I have lots of baby hair that does its own thing. Once that was sorted I gave it all a good spritz of hairspray and was already for bed.
Now, first things first, while these are really squishy and are supposed to be really comfortable to sleep in as the sponge flattens, it goes without saying that it feels a bit unusual and you're not going to sleep like a baby. At first I didn't think I was ever going to sleep as the velcro felt a bit spikey and the grips were digging in my head a bit. I took the grips at the back out as I thought I'd be more comfortable sleeping on my back. I soon fell asleep and only woke up once or twice during the night.
When I woke I was pleased to see that none of the rollers had been disturbed or had come out. I removed them all and gave my hair a good brush through. As you can see from the above photo, my hair is nice and bouncy and it felt really airy and light. I'm really pleased with the life and volume that I got from the Sleep-in Rollers and will certainly be using these again. My hair retained the volume and bounce all day. They don't give your hair much of a curl, so if this is what you're looking for then its back to a heat appliance for sure. If you don't think you can sleep in these or if its for a night out you can also pop them in for a couple of hours and give them a blast with a hair dryer.
Are you a fan of rollers and will you be giving these a try?


  1. I couldn't get sleep in rollers to work for me at all so I discarded them after only trying them once. Definitely need to give them another go now I've had a look at this post

    S xo.

    1. They take a bit of practise but are well worth giving a go. If you find them uncomfortably pop them in one afternoon for a couple of hours and blast them with a hairdryer. x

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