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FaceB4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash and Serum Review

I'd never heard of FaceB4 previously, but as someone who struggles with breakouts in my 30s, this was something I was keen to give a whirl. FaceB4 is a two step program to aims to reduce breakouts and maintain clear healthy skin. It consists of the FaceB4 Anti-Bacterial Face Wash* and the FaceB4 Anti-Bacterial Serum*.
I trialled the products for four weeks, morning and evening. Fortunately for the purpose of this review (and unfortunately for my poor  old face), I had a massive breakout erupt a week or so beforehand so I was really able to put the range to the test. The first thing that I liked about this duo was the packaging of the face wash and toner. It's pretty unique as it's two bottles that dispense together into a big bubbly foam - neat! I am a bit wary of foaming face washes as my skin is pretty dry and they're often quite stripping and drying, but I haven't had any problems at all. The serum is almost like a cream, and it feels quite velvety and really soothing on the skin. I found my skin feeling really soft from the first use which is probably down to the fact that the serum contains vitamins A, B, B5 and E. I need more moisture so I used my normal moisturisers over the top, but oilier skins could skip this altogether.
Now, to show you how my skin has got on. Below is my skin's progress, week by week. Annoyingly these pictures don't show the improvements as much as I could see them, but you get the idea.
 Top row: week 1 and week 2, bottom row, week 3 and 4

As the days went by my skin felt less and less irritated and my blemishes lost their angriness and redness. I did have a few more come up during the first week but I found they went down a lot quicker than they usually do. By the third week I hadn't had any more breakouts for over a week and the blemishes were really healing. I even ditched foundation for a few days and made do with a thin layer of concealer as it was pretty hot and I didn't want to wear anything heavy. I didn't notice any visible changes in the last week, but by this point everything had calmed down completely.
The serum is the clear hero of the two as its made my skin really soft and its super soothing to apply. It sinks in really quickly too which is perfect for lazy people like me that want to get out of the door quickly in the morning! I'm really impressed with these products, so if you have blemish prone skin like me these are good to have on hand.
You can pick these both up from Boots and they're affordable too as the anti-bacterial face wash is £14.95 and the anti-bacterial serum is £9.99.
Will you be picking these up?

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