Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The boyfriend approved primer

Another day, another primer. Well not quite, but it is a reoccurring topic on this here blog non?
This is the response I expected when unveiling the Stila One Step Colour Corrector (£24) after bringing home this little pretty recently. But instead the boyfriend was rather impressed with it (its presentation that is). He thought it was really uniquely designed and therefore "looks like it works".
The primer is made up of three different coloured strands which each do their bit to even out the complexion. It helps with sallowness and redness and really brightens everything up. As I have some healing blemish scars this works wonders to smooth them over and cancel out any residual angriness.
I haven't reached for any other primer in the past month which says a lot for me. I find it really effective (not just pretty packaging!) and its also really hydrating and makes my skin look really healthy and dewy. I'm finding that I'm using less foundation and concealer as it helps disguise a lot of imperfections. At £24 it might be outside of budget for some, but its definitely worth giving it a go come payday.
Will you be giving this a go and if you have already, what did you think?
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