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Skincare saviours

Sometimes, no matter what I do, my skin just doesn't want to co-operate. After weeks of fairly problem-free skin, all hell has broken loose and I've got lots of lovely and not to mention painful face visitors. I suspect this could be foundation related, so I'm switching back to some tried and tested bases and looking to some fail-safe skincare heroes to get things back to normal.
After cleansing in the evening I use the Cane + Austin Acne Treatment Pads (£48) as an acid toner to help clear things up. These contain glycolic acid which helps to resurface the skin and clear up any breakouts, as well as salicylic acid which deep cleans pores and helps prevent future breakouts. You can use these twice a day but personally I find that a bit of a waste and only use them in the evening. Its worth mentioning that when I first started using these pads it did sting a little for the first week or so, which is completely normal. Once my skin got used to it and it started working this stopped. I've found these to be so helpful and I couldn't be without this step in my routine. I'm pretty sure its helped heal some scarring I have too. The only downside is the cost, but as there are 60 in a tub and I use them once a day they do go a bit further.
Next up I reach for La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + (£15.50). Infused with thermal spring water, I find this really soothing when applied. Its a  mix of a gel and cream if that makes sense, and as with the above acne pads, it aims to reduce blemishes and prevent future breakouts. I used the original formula which I liked and found effective, but the reformulated version does so much more for my skin. The added bonus of reducing scarring is not to be sniffed at!
Drying out spots used to be a thing but to be honest it only ever caused problems for my dry skin. Instead I like to inject moisture to my spotty angry skin and the Pai Rosehip BioRenerate Oil (£20) is my go to. I've tried other rosehip oils in the past but my skin absolutely loves this. It gives me so much moisture and really plumps the skin, whilst healing any nasties and reducing scarring. I massage this into my skin for a while and let it do its work. If my skin absorbs it all I apply a little more to blemishes as many times as I can before going to bed and then pop on a light layer of night cream. In the morning everything is just a bit brighter and plumper.
What do you reach for when your skin is having a tantrum and have you tried any of these? Let me know!


  1. Ooo great choices! Effaclar Duo + and the Pai Oil are my go-to's for blemishes as well! Seriously a dream team. That and a gently exfoliating face wash in the morning and my skin is whipped into shape in no time! Hope everything is back to normal for you now!

    1. Have you tired the Origins exfoliating face wash? Might be a good one to try out. Not back to normal yet unfortunately but things aren't as angry fortunately. xx




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