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My two mascara combo

Two mascaras I you ask? A faff? Hear me out on this one...
I've never been a waterproof mascara kinda gal really. My eyes are pretty sensitive and the ordeal of removing waterproof mascara in the past was never pleasant. Added to this I'm allergic to nickel and in particular I find mascara causes tiny sore bumps around my eyes. What you might not know is that pigment (iron oxide) contains nickel. Not great for a beauty blogger huh?
So to combat this I use the Clarins Double Fix Waterproof Mascara over the top of my regular mascara as a clear top coat. It completely seals the lashes and is waterproof, so I get no tiny bumps and or bits of mascara rubbing off in my eyes - sorted! Even better, it stays put but doesn't irritate my eyes when I take my make up off.
My Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara is still reigning supreme and I find the duo works pretty good together. The Clarins Mascara can also be used as a clear brow gel, but I find it to be a little to heavy for that and quite frankly I don't want to use the same wand on my eye lashes and brows really!
So, if you're not really down with the removal of the usual coloured waterproof mascaras, this little combo might well work for you. Do you think you'll try it?


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