Wednesday, 21 May 2014

NARS Biscayne Park Satin Lip Pencil


There's a new favourite lip pencil in town and I can't hide my love for it any longer. I've had the NARS Biscayne Park Satin Lip Pencil (£18) on my wishlist for a while but it proved to be tricky to track down. I'm so glad I soldiered on though! I have quite a lot of the Revlon and Bourjois lip crayons so didn't feel there was need to splash out on a more high end version until I bought Floralies a while back. This one is more of a coral which will be lovely to wear in the summer but I wanted more of a nude colour for every day.
Biscayne Park is a perfect peachy pink nude and it works with pretty much any makeup look too.
I really love the consistency of these pencils as well; not too glossy and definitely not drying. Its so easy to apply as well. The satin pencils do last a while but obviously not as long as their matte sisters - these are also worth a look at I might add. In fact, I have a couple already and I think my collection will be growing shortly..
Have you tried the NARS lip pencils and if so what's your favourite shade?

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