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Clarins Colours of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact


The pale girl in me has always longed for a tan but I don't like the sun much and fake tan just looks odd on me. Doomed huh? Luckily not, as I have been reaching for a bit of bronzer of late.
Clarins have been releasing some amazing limited edition products the last couple years and one to note is their bronzers. I missed last year's offering and pined after it well into autumn, but this year I got my little hands on the Clarins Colours of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact (£30) and I couldn't be happier.
Firstly, lets just take a minute to appreciate its beauty. It has a 'South-American inspired motif' embossed in the product itself, and the packaging is just gorgeous. It's also almost the size of my face so is definitely going to last a while!
You can either pick out individual shades or just swirl your blush around them all and dust over your cheeks, forehead nose and chin for a beautiful hint of colour (the latter being my preference). It adds a lovely contour to the face as well which is something my moon-like face is in dire need of.
The colours are perfect for my complexion; not at all orange but warming enough to add a glow.
I also like that you can use it on your eyes as a contour too if you like. The formula is really nice, not chalky and buildable so you can't really put too much on in one application - ideal for bronzer newbs like me.
I've been wearing this on its own (as above) or paired with NARS Day Dream lightly dusted on my cheeks.
The bronzer is part of a wider summer collection which is all pretty beautiful, truth be told. I'm sure it'll be around for a little while yet but if you like the look of it don't miss out like I did last time.
Are you a fan of bronzer and have you tried this one?


  1. Ohh this is gorgeous! That embossing is so pretty - it looks really lovely on you! I just did a post & video on contouring on my blog so you might be interested in that? I'm also super pale but love the tanned look! It's a hard life for us haha. Just followed your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing more posts! Xx

    1. Its a beaut isn't it? I'm almost scared to use it and wear the design off. I'll certainly check out your blog and channel, I need all the contouring help I can get! Thanks so much xx

  2. Very Aztec looking! And not too shimmery which is fab this would be great for contouring.. Love the sheet music background too xxx


    1. I like that you can pick out the shimmer if you want, would make a great highlighter. Bronzers do tend to be really glittery instead of shimmery from what I've seen. Thanks, am trying to switch things up a little xx

  3. Hey hey hey, fellow porcelain over here! I think I've found THEE bronzer! It's gorgoeus and you look beautiful. So healthy and glowy. I'm sold. Well it's sold. On me! :)
    Love Kate xx

    1. *Waves*

      Get it whilst you can, as I was so gutted I missed the last one. If you, let me know how you get on with it :) xx

  4. Replies
    1. Treat yourself! I'm such an enabler. Sorry not sorry.. xx




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