Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Taking it all off: Garnier Micellar Water

I've never really been one to use a separate makeup remover. Perhaps that's bad on my part but seeing as I don't use waterproof products a double cleanse has always been sufficient. Then came the Bioderma craze and I started to wonder if I was missing out on something. Its allusive nature in the UK is enough to put anyone off though...
Luckily, there's more than one micellar water in town if you don't want to hunt around for Bioderma. As well as the original I've tried a couple, and to be honest I wasn't sold on what the high street had to offer. Most of them stung my eyes and dried my skin out.
Then there was Garnier's offering and I must admit I'm pretty happy with this one. It feels just like water and I can't fault it. It really is on par with Bioderma and much more easily available. It makes pretty light work of most of my makeup, but do remember its only intended as a pre-cleanse/makeup remover. Its not going to get everything off but its a good start. I especially like that it feels pretty cold and soothing on my tired eyes after a tough day. A perfect start to taking the rest of the day off.
Do you rate micellar waters and have you tried this one?

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