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The fad: Alphabet creams

They've been around for a few years now but BB creams seem to be quite misunderstood it would seem. A conversation with friends a couple of week's ago has spurred me to put my thoughts down on this makeup-skincare hybrid.
BB or blemish/beauty balms originally came from Korea, a formulation put together by a German dermatologist to help heal and provide coverage for patients that had undergone surgery or skin peels. A tinted moisturiser with skincare benefits basically. 
Needless to say, this took off pretty massively and made its way West. Now pretty much every brand has their own BB offering and since then its created quite a marketing buzz worldwide. We're now seeing a further evolution of 'alphabet creams' hitting counters. But what do they all do and do you need one of each?
First things first, what do they claim to do?
BB - Blemish/beauty balm
The original suped-up tinted moisturiser aims to provide a one-stop shop to flawless skin by replacing your serum, moisturiser, SPF and foundation. Pretty amazing claim huh?
CC - Colour Correcting
Next in line was the CC cream. Again, it aims to provide coverage as well as evening out skin tone and cancelling out redness and sallowness. CC creams generally provide a little less coverage than BB creams and are often a light whipped formula. Essentially its a new and improved BB cream.
DD - Dynamic Do-all/Daily Defence
Still with me? Cropping up last year came the DD. Add anti-ageing and pore shrinking to the above list of claims and we have the newest kid on the block. Again, a further instalment to the alphabet cream saga.
Now this double-lettered phenomena has taken the beauty market by storm and has extended into eye creams (hello Dior), hair products and body creams, but do you need one of each? Absolutely not. This is marketing at its finest. Find a formulation that offers the coverage and shade range that is suitable for you, just like you would a foundation. If your skin benefits from it in the long run then great.
Now that we're heading into spring I know I am looking for a lighter base and whilst my skin is on it's best behaviour I am going to take advantage. The shade ranges of these creams are pretty limited and I've found that CC creams do tend to have a more yellow tone due to their redness cancellation which isn't for me sadly.
I prefer BB creams as I like a bit more coverage, and the above two by Dior are well loved. Weirdly Dior Nude has a more pink undertone that suits by skin a bit better than its dew giving Hydra Life sibling. But hey, you can't have everything now.
Have you delved into the alphabet madness and will you be queuing for an EE cream? (yes its coming!).


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