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Something different

I've been a bad blogger this past week and for that I can only apologies. Work commitments, sickness and everything else has been going on and its left me with no time. You may have noticed I haven't done a weekly round up and that's essentially because my routine has remained pretty much the same really, no extra stand outs. I think that will change this week you'll be relieved to hear..
So, on to something different this week. I've had some old Diptyque candle holders hanging around for a while without a purpose so I've cleaned them up and put them to use. There's many different ways of removing any left over wax but I find it best to pour some hot water in and leave it for a bit. Once its cooled down I clean out any residue with a scouring pad.
I love putting my trinkets away in pretty jars and dishes, and these were just the perfect size for some hair bobbles, grips and rings. Now I just need to find something a little bit larger to store away that warrants the larger size candle...oh and a bank loan to cover it...
Do you reuse candle holders and if so what do you store in them?



  1. so cute! I love using jars and glasses too for storage

  2. They are so versatile aren't they? x




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