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Getting the most from fragrance

I never used to really wear fragrance, but fast forward a few years I have quite the perfume wardrobe now and I really enjoy wearing it. Chanel No.5 has been my scent of choice for quite a while, but I do mix it up depending on how I'm feeling. Diptyque Eau Duelle has been holding its own that's for sure.
I do find that fragrance tends to fade quite quickly on me which isn't ideal when my work days are quite long. A quick spritz at 7am is a distant memory by 11 and I don't really want to be lugging a glass bottle around in my bag. I'm far too clumsy for that...
I thought I'd share a few ideas that I have picked up on making your fragrance last longer. This might be old news to some of you but its certainly helped me out.
Skin type
Unfortunately the longevity of fragrance is affected by skin type and this isn't something that we can change. Dry skin just doesn't take to fragrance like its oilier friends. This is because fragrance is basically oil that is absorbed by the skin and it will react less with a dryer skin type and give out a more subtle scent.
Your diet can actually affect both the scent and its longevity. A spicy or high fat diet can make your fragrance more potent. Sudden extreme dietary changes will also affect it.
Protect your fragrance from extreme hot and cold temperatures and away from direct sunlight. It's best to store them in their original boxes and not in your bathroom where steam and humidity can get to them. I was guilty of this but I have now rehomed my collection to the bedroom.
Pulse points
Apply your fragrance to your pulse points which is where the blood vessels are the closet to the skin and produce more heat. Pulse points include wrists, inside of elbows, behind the ear, base of throat and back of the knee.
Use the matching shower gel and body lotion before spritzing your fragrance. Applying lotion when the skin is a slightly damp also makes it last longer. I really like to layer up fragrance and while it can get a bit pricey, I find it really works for and let's face it, it does look rather nice all laid out on your dressing table! Never spritz perfume into your hair as it contains alcohol that can dry it out.
Instead, use a specially designed hair spray.
Application technique
If you're going to layer your fragrance, remember that it rise; so spray or apply your products from the feet to the shoulders. Also never rub your wrists together after applyication as it breaks down the molecules and lessens the longevity.
So there are my thoughts on getting the most from fragrance. What are your favourite scents and am I missing any tricks? 



  1. There really great tips! Thank you :) I like to spray a little on my hair so that every time I turn my head,I get the lovely scent. xx

    1. Thanks Kim! Be careful spraying on your hair though as the alcohol can really dry it out. x

  2. I prefer the Coco Mademoiselle fragrance more.

    1. I used to wear that one quite a it a few years ago but I find it quite a heavy scent now for some reason x




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