Summer Skincare Essentials

It is hot. I am hot. And I'm also very much an autumn/winter person so this heatwave is not for me! Overly dramatic intro aside, like most of us I've been forced to re-evaluate my skincare routine and really define my summer skincare essentials. My skin is a delicate wee flower and although it's quite dry it doesn't tolerate thick, heavy products. So with that being the case, I thought I'd share my heatwave skincare essentials in case you need a helping hand in the heat.


My summer skincare routine is very much focused on light, effective layers which I find to be the best way to nourish my sensitive, dry dehydrated skin without causing and irritation or breakouts. I always kick off my day with a hyaluronic acid based serum and Caudalie has a great affordable option at £29. The Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum* does sound inviting enough to drink (although I don't advise that you do) and my skin is lapping it up. Formulated for dehydrated skins, this light serum starts things off with a burst of hyaluronic acid and grape water which attract and seal moisture into the skin. As an oil-free product it's also suited to all skin types so no matter how oily or sensitive your skin happens to be this little guy will slot nicely into your routine.

I've been following my serum with the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet* and it's the perfect pairing. It's a light whipped cream - almost a lotion, which again sinks in very quickly and surprisingly packs a fair amount of hydration. I would probably reserve this just for the summer months but it is more than enough for me in this heat. The Vinosource range is perfect for summer and for dehydrated skins all year round as it's designed to kick your skin into diffusing water and keeping hydrated whilst reducing sensitivity. Oh and if you fancy a cute pink Caudalie branded reusable water bottle you can grab one for free when you buy two products from the Vinosource range which is pretty cool - I love mine.

Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer Skincare Essentials


I obviously have to include an SPF in my summer skincare essentials - we all should. I'm much better at protecting my skin now than I did a couple of years ago. I'm borderline obsessed with SPF and antioxidants at the moment. I'm also looking into anti-pollution products too so if you have any recommendations please let me know. The problem with a lot of SPFs, and specially physical ones, is that they feel horrid on the skin which in turn makes us so much less likely to wear them and so we're not protecting our skin at all. I'm so glad the Glossier Invisible Shield exists because it's unlike any other SPF I've tried before it. It's a chemical formula which is almost clear and feels like a light hydrating serum so it fits perfectly into my light layers routine. It's pleasant to use, factor 30 and provides a great base for makeup so I want to use it every day.


My skin still likes a treatment in these warm summer evenings, albeit something lighter and definitely not potentially pore-clogging. One of my all time favourite moisturisers which doubles up as a treatment is the Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair. I feel quite bad sharing this actually as its impossible to buy this in the UK at the moment. This is coming to the UK apparently but they're having to have their entire product range EU approved which is a lengthy process. Hopefully it won't take too much longer as I'm about to run out! It's deeply hydrating, yet light and silky. It does a little bit of everything as it hydrates, firms, restores elasticity and softens wrinkles - a real powerhouse. It's the one thing I will forever be badgering friends travelling to the States to bring back for me. Yep, it's that good folks.

Summer Skincare Essentials

Summer Skincare Essentials


The lack of air con on public transport and fresh air in my office will forever haunt me but I have a couple of summer skincare essentials that combat this quite nicely. A facial mist is a given in warm weather for me, but this little dinky Caudalie Grape Water pops neatly into my bag and comes out quite frequently actually. The mist is very fine so doesn't tamper with your makeup - however it's a perfect refresher should things be looking a little dry and worse for wear. Incredibly cooling and soothing for sensitive skin in the heat, it also makes a great hydrating toner.

My last little summer skincare essential is pretty tiny actually, and I must admit I wasn't 100% sure what it was for when I picked it up in New York earlier in the year, but this sample size of the Milk Makeup Cooling Water intrigued me. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be skincare or perhaps a primer but I use it to refresh my under eyes when I'm not wearing makeup and it's also good if you have a SULA situation going on... Yep, it's perhaps a little bit gimmicky but this balm-like stick is refreshing on the skin and is meant to de-puff under your eyes. I haven't used it consistently enough to see any long-term results but it does feel nice to use and its teeny and we all like minature things, right?

What are your summer skincare essentials?


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self-care beauty rituals

It's been a little while hasn't it? There's been many times these past eight weeks since I last posted that I've sat in front of a blank blog post, ready to set my fingers to the keys and yet nothing came out. No inspiration, no jolly demeanour, just nothing.

That's the thing when we're stressed, you just can't force it and need to down tools and practise a little self-care. Over the last few weeks I've really struggled with various unplanned events, family illness, an immense work load and general bad luck that it zapped my time and my joy for blogging. For the first time in a long while I feel energised and ready to crack on with things again. Seeing as self-care has been so incredibly vital to me lately I thought I'd share the beauty rituals that have made me feel a whole lot more human and ready to tackle everyday life again.


Beauty is sometimes considered vain, but for me its a quick win for taking me from feeling poop to fantastic! I figure that if I can do just one small self-care thing a day it's to take some time out in the tub and soak away everything that's grating on me. I find that a bath can shake off a bad mood, a headache and aching tired limbs, so it's my does-it-all solution. What really aids this is a relaxing bath oil. I've dabbled with many oils over the years, from the most purse friendly options to something a whole load more luxurious and fancy but I always return to the Olverum Bath Oil. It's pretty affordable and my local apothecary sells it so its easy to stock up when I'm running low - a situation that I don't like to happen! Yes, we actually have a local apothecary - Apotheca, and it makes me feel quite fancy telling you that! I've lost hours in there looking at all of the pretty jars. Back to the oil... The Olverum Bath Oil is super concentrated so it lasts for such a long time, making it incredibly economical. The essential oils create such a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation that I look forward to my evening soak all throughout the day.

self-care beauty rituals


I am the worst at nourishing my limbs, which considering how well I look after my face is just criminal! So when I take time to keep my skin smooth, soft and moisturised it really elevates my mood and means that I nod off much quicker each night.

Starting with the Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish which I basically bought as it looked so pretty! Luckily, as well as looking good in my bathroom it's one of the best exfoliators I've used in a while. It's sugar based and infused with Moroccan rose and coconut oil and so its incredibly nourishing as well as packing a punch in the scrub stakes. It's perfect for sensitive skin as its not at all scratchy, yet it removes all of my bumpy skin. I gently massage it in until the sugar dissolves into a soft oil, revealing the most smooth and nourished skin. I'm smitten in case you can't tell!

I want to pop on my pjs and jump into bed as soon as I can so hopping around waiting for thick creams to soak in is not an option. The Caudalie Thé des Vignes Body & Hair Oil* is the newest edition to the well loved Thé des Vignes range. It's a blend of uplifting essential oils which include white musk, neroli and ginger which transports me to the mediterranean. That's the best way I can describes this sensual yet light scent - a complete mood changer! It's inspired by the sun setting over Caudalie's grapevines and I can totally see why! What I love about Thé des Vignes Body & Hair Oil the most is that it's a multi-purpose dry oil that comes with a pump so it's so easy to apply and not waste a drop. Caudalie do oils so well, which you'll totally appreciate if you've tried the Divine Oil. Needless to say, my skin is super soft and moisturised these days and sore lizard skin is a thing of the past...

self-care beauty rituals


With my body all sorted, there's nothing I enjoy more in a self-care session than a face mask or two. Having a bright clear complexion so that my skincare works better and my makeup sits well makes me very happy so I indulge in a couple of face masks every week. At the moment where I'm feeling stressed and dealing with the heatwave we're having in the UK, keeping my skin happy and decongested is my number one aim. Gentle exfoliators such as the Pixi Peel & Polish are what I reach for as it does the job very quickly without the need to physically exfoliate and potentially irritate my complexion. Pixi's offering relies on lactic acid which is super gentle, and enzymes to slough away dead skin cells and leave a much brighter complexion. This is the best exfoliator to go for if you're used to manual scrubs but want to dip into chemical alternatives. It has a very fine amount of sugar granules that make it feel like a traditional scrub, and yet there's no need to buff it into your skin.

To go in a little deeper and clear out any nasties, the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask* is just the ticket. I'm not usually a fan of clay masks as so many that I've tried have felt awful on the skin and break me out, but this beaut from Caudalie is my perfect solution. Grape marc draws out impurities and toxins which are then absorbed by the pink clay. As this is a clay mask it does dry down a bit but doesn't have that awful tight my skin might crack feeling which I absolutely hate. It's also really easy to remove and leaves my skin feeling comfortable and ready to go with some serums and treatments. A hero of mine for sure.

What self-care beauty rituals do you practise?


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spring perfumes

The irony of writing a post about perfumes for spring when just yesterday I had to get my winter coat out again is not lost on me. Just when we thought spring was finally on its way! The weather may be letting us down but as far as I'm concerned it's May and I'm cracking out my uplifting spring perfumes and sharing them with you today.

By Invitation Rose Gold*
I am not a celebrity perfume fan but any means. In fact I think this is the very first one that I've graced my skin with. Michael Bublé's first foray into scent, By Invitation, was incredibly well received when it was launched a couple of years back and so when its follow up came out my interest was piqued. By Invitation Rose Gold is a floral oriental gourmand, so there's a nice dose of warmth in there but its a complicated and well layered perfume. It opens with magnolia and pear, which gives it an uplifting spring vibe to me and then leads into the floral notes of rose, peony heart and black plum for some depth. As I mentioned it is a gourmand and that's all owing to praline and vanilla which make it buttery and rather addictive. And of course I cannot skip over the beautiful weighty rose gold package which looks absolutely divine on my vanity. Grown up and delicious, this is exactly how I want to be smelling during spring and summer!

spring perfumes
spring perfumes

Glossier You
If I’m ever having a day when I want a light fuss-free perfume this is the one I reach for. Formulated with a focus on sensual base notes such as ambrette, musk and ambrox, this subtle Glossier pick stays unchanged throughout the day and is a soft powdery floral which enhances your natural scent. It’s very much you, but better! I find a certain comfort from wearing it and it’s never too harsh or overly flowery. I wish actually that their body hero range smelt more like this so I could layer it. Not to say I’m not a fan of the body hero range as I am, but I am a sucker for layering scents for the full experience and longevity.

Chloé Nomade*
I do love a bit of freesia so it’s no surprising I get on so well with Chloe fragrances. It’s just a lovely fresh floral which instantly lifts my moods, so Chloé Nomade is an awesome spring pick for me. It’s a lot deeper and sensual than we’re used to from Chloé, owing to Mirabelle plum and oak moss. It’s fresh, fruity and chypre, so a little more complex and interesting. It wears well throughout the day, with the fresh freesia always peeping through to keep it uplifting and light. Oh and how gorgeous is the bottle, seriously!

spring perfumes

spring perfumes

I've not spoken about this little love of mine for a while which is quite honesty a crime in itself. Eau Duelle is not your average vanilla scent. It's actually quite woody and spicy due to pink pepper, bergamot, saffron and musk so it has a little bit of a kick to it. The vanilla is still quite fresh but without being too creamy, very much a 'real' vanilla if you know what I mean. Quite often vanilla perfumes can be very synthetic and sickly but Eau Duelle couldn't be any less like that. It's a perfume I reach for all year round so its never going to leave my side in the summer months. I can see this being with me for many years to come, much like No 5.

Do you have a favourite spring perfume and what do you think of mine? Tempted to try any?


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Recent Beauty Favourites

I’ve been testing so many new products over the last few weeks that I thought it was about time I wrote a round up on what’s hot. We’ll also forget that I’ve not written a monthly favourites post for a while as I honestly don’t know where the last couple of months have gone! I’ve been busy, that’s for sure.

 Algenist Genius Skincare review

Now you guys know how much trying new skincare excites me, right? I should probably get out a bit more! So I was very happy to get the chance to put a few products from the Algenist Genius range through their steps and you know what, I'm really impressed. It's definitely in the higher price bracket, but as someone with visible signs of ageing I'm happy to invest in my skincare.
My Travel Skincare Routine

I don’t travel all that often which really shows when it comes to packing. I just can’t (or won’t) travel light when it comes to my skincare routine. While I’ll gladly just take one pair of shoes and not 2835 tops that I know I won’t wear, what if I need three different face masks, a choice of cleansers and two moisturisers just in case? It happens every single time because refuse to let my skincare routine and ultimately my skin suffer, even though most of it never gets used.
Concealers For Every Skin Woe

Concealer is one of those products that I feel I'm always searching for the next best one. I have been known to repurchase a select few (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer I'm looking at you) but generally speaking I'm always on the hunt and reading as many reviews as I can.
Nano Intensive Teeth Whitening Strips

For as long as I can remember I've been self conscious about my teeth. They've never been very white and growing up one of my front teeth crossed over the other. Years later they're straight thanks to two years of wearing a brace - typically I had mine fitted when everyone else had theirs removed. The joy of being a late bloomer and not getting my adult teeth until I was sixteen!

Over the years I've tried every whitening toothpaste Boots stocks and a few at home whitening kits and strips. The only ones I ever found to work were the Crest White Strips, but they are a pain to get hold of and they made my already sensitive teeth even more so. I'd kinda given up finding something affordable that worked when White Wash kindly sent me some of their Nano Intensive Whitening Strips* to try out.

What's particularly attractive about the Nano Intensive Whitening Strips is that they're affordable at £25 a pack and my local Boots stock them. No more buying from possibly dodgy US websites! But do they actually work?

Nano Intensive Teeth Whitening Strips

The Nano Intensive Whitening Strips come in a box of 28 sealed packs, with each one containing a longer strip for the upper teeth and a shorter one for the bottom. It's a fairly long commitment of almost a month to whiten your teeth but I would literally try anything if it promised a smile I would be happy with. They're super easy to apply; you simply brush your teeth and try to dry them out a little with a towel before applying the sticky strips over your teeth and leaving for an hour before removing.

I tend to lay the strip across my teeth and starting at the middle I press and shape them over each tooth so that the edges are as covered as possible. Otherwise not all of the tooth will be in contact with the whitening gel. Most strips normally need to be worn for 30 minutes so the Nano Intensive Whitening Strips do require twice that time, but that's where I think they excel as they're really gentle. I was honestly expecting them to hurt almost straight away, but one hour down the line and my teeth were not hurting at all. After a few days of using them the staining on my canine teeth completely disappeared and guess what? Still no pain.

I've now finished the entire course of Nano Intensive Whitening Strips and they've clearly made a difference. I'm no longer worried about wearing more orange hued lipsticks which historically made my teeth look yellow and it's really helping my confidence. You guys, I've even been smiling more. Who is this new person?! Joking aside, I'd highly recommend these and will be picking up another pack for a bit of maintenance here and there.

Have you whitened your teeth before and do you like the sound of these?


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When Chloe release a new perfume, my senses are intrigued. Over the years I've worn and adored several fragrances from the brand and their newest release; Chloe Nomade*, sparks the same curiosity.

Ice-watch ICE loulou watch review.

If there's a couple of things I'm certain about when it comes to my personal style, it's that comfort will always win and you'll never see me in too much colour. I'm just not interested in cramming myself into a gorgeous yet crippling pair of heels and neutral colours are just my jam, what can I say!

But that doesn't mean my wardrobe has to be completely boring and void of colour. In fact, I've started to slightly bend my style rules and have been known to wear a coloured beret here and there (much to my husband's distain). Accessories for me are the perfect way to inject some colour and interest into my outfits. The newest addition is my new candy pink watch from Ice-Watch*. I've been admiring their watches for some time so it was a dream come true when they said they wanted to send me one to try out. The only difficult part was choosing a watch as they have an enormous selection of colours and styles to choose from.

Ice-watch ICE loulou watch review.

Ice-watch ICE loulou watch review.

I have a few classic style watches with leather straps so I went completely away from my usual style and choose this gorgeous candy pink number from their ICE loulou collection*. There's a fair few different colour combos to choose from but this pink and red colour way just called to me. The red underside adds an extra little edge to it and it's slotted in seamlessly with my monochrome tendencies. Pink, grey and black just work, am I right? Plus add in a bit of denim and a blazer and I'm a very happy (and comfortable) bunny.

Ice-watch ICE loulou watch review.

Ice-Watch also have different sizes to choose from so even though I have child-like wrists I had no problem finding the perfect fit. The amount of times I've had to have more holes punched into watch straps in the past has become a little embarrassing! This particular watch is actually a medium but a small would also be a good fit for me. It sits nice and flat on the wrist and the silicone strap is buttery soft and super comfortable to wear. I've had so many compliments on it too as it really is striking. I'm thinking pink is my new obsession, well now that I have the watch and matching beret. What's next, pink loafers? Actually, I won't joke about that as it could happen this spring, you've been warned...

What do you think of my new Ice-Watch? Is pink a hit for you too?


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The Beauty Guru Box - Latest In Beauty

I've spoken a few times on my blog about Latest In Beauty's collaboration boxes, but I had never actually tried out their regular boxes until recently. What's refreshing about it is that you get to curate your own box so there's never any disappointment. Whether you want to go for three, six or nine products in your own beauty box or if you want a one-off box or to receive one every month, there's over 200 products to choose from, how cool is that?

I went for the one-off Beauty Guru Box* which includes 9 products for £25. When I was picking my products, I was a little strategic. I wanted to make the most of trying out some new brands and products as I find subscription boxes to be the best way to discover new beauty products. I also couldn't help but pick a couple of existing favourites.

I'm a bather rather than a shower girl and I'm really into Sunday night pamper sessions with a candle and some bath oils to unwind. The Olverum Bath Oil jumped straight out at me as I've been looking for a more affordable pick. It's a beautiful blend of essential oils and it's really concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Coffee scrubs have been around for a while but I've never tried one myself. I'm mega late to the party on this one so I had to go for the Skinyoga Coffee Body Scrub. As it contains caffeine, it's super charged and while taking care of my dry limbs it also aims to boost the metabolism and enhance the condition of the skin. It's a little messy but left my skin super soft. I'm a fan.

On the subject of body products, I had to go for the infamous Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Infused with guarana which is supposed to be one of the most potent sources of caffeine, it helps moisturise the skin and even lift it to create a booty to be proud of. I've only used the Bum Bum Cream a few times but it will be a repurchase for sure. It smells divine and like a beach holiday so I'm now longing for summer. Hey maybe I'll have an impressive pert bottom to show off in a bikini by then!

The Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Roll On Anti-Perspirant is a brand new launch, in fact I receive my box before it launched in shops so that's very exciting. I'm trying to be more mindful about chemicals and what I put in and on my body so this really intrigued me. It works really well and keeps me smelling fresh all day. I like to have a deodorant in my bag just in case and this one is perfect for on the go and for travelling.

The Beauty Guru Box - Latest In Beauty

Skincare-wise I kept it fairly simple. I chose the Tropics Skincare Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum as it sounded perfect for my dry, sensitive skin type. It's a very 'green' formula, right down to the scent which is quite earthy. I'm not s big fan of that personally but it leaves my skin really smooth and is good for soothing irritated skin, perfect for me in the winter as my skin has been a little more sensitive than usual lately.

The Anne Semonin Eye Express Radiance Ice Cubes have long appealed to me so I was pleased to see that Latest In Beauty had them. There's just one cube but that will be enough to test it out. I get really puffy eyes so I'm hoping this does the trick. I'm waiting for a particularly late night or busy day to test this one out!!

For make up I went for some favourites and a highly coveted Korean pick. Erborian are well known for their CC Crème so it was the first product I chose. It's lightweight and comfortable on the skin and I've been really enjoying it for good skin days. It's a little bit darker than I would like but as the formula is light it does blend into the skin quite well so doesn't look too dark. I'm definitely going to seek out a lighter shade in this!

For lips I picked up the Burts Bees Lipstick in Sunset Cruise. I actually got another colour of this in one of the collaboration boxes and I wore it to death so this was an easy choice. The formula is really creamy and moisturising and they're super pigmented. This peachy coral shade is really flattering on pale skin like mine and really perks up my complexion. It's packed with vitamin E and moringa oil so as well as looking good it does your lips a kindness too.

Lastly, I went for the Rodial Smokey Eye Pen in black. I have it in brown already so had to complete the set. It's soft to apply but dries down really well and then doesn't budge. I got it for tight lining as my eyes are quite sensitive and the last thing I want is my eyeliner irritating my eyes or moving. It's super black and really thickens up the appearance of my lashes. Perfect!

The Beauty Guru Box from Latest In Beauty is the perfect way to discover new products and give them a good road test before stumping up for the full size. Not one to miss for sure!


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Caudalie French Kiss Tinted Lip Balm review

Lip balm is something that I use a lot. There's one in every one of my bags, most coat pockets, the car, down the side of the sofa...I just can't get enough of them. Having dry lips most of the time I always have one on me, and while I tend to pop one on underneath lipstick, sometimes I want a good dose of hydration and some colour payoff in one. The Caudalie French Kiss Tinted Lip Balms* offer just that. Perfect for winter and for prepping your pout for Valentine's Day!

The Caudalie French Kiss Tinted Lip Balms come in three gorgeous colours; Innocence, an almost clear light pink that enhances your natural lip colour and carries a gorgeous vanilla and orange scent, Seduction - a subtle pink hue with a vanilla scent and Addiction, a raspberry red shade with a berry scent. Depending on your natural lip colour you'll see a different effect, but ultimately they are very sheer and give a 'your lips but better' subtle tint. Personally I think Innocence smells incredible and Addiction gives me the most pigmentation with a 'just bitten' berry stain.

Caudalie has a very natural background which is nodded to with the cute wooden packaging, and the scents are of course also natural and not at all synthetic smelling like a lot of lip balms tend to be.

Caudalie French Kiss Tinted Lip Balm review

The French Kiss lip balms are a fairly solid texture which I prefer, so they're not gooey or gloopy which means they last pretty well on the lips - around two hours before I tend to reapply. The formula softens ever so slightly as your press your finger onto the balm, which Caudalie terms as a 'crème brulee' texture.

The lip balms keep my lips really moisturised and contain quite a cocktail of natural and beneficial ingredients - polyphenols (anti-oxidants), aloe vera to soothe, castor and sunflower oil and beeswax to intensely nourish.

I've worn nothing else on my lips since receiving these - Innocence in particular lives on my desk and I'm a little addicted to its vanilla-orange scent! For £10 a pop these are not to be missed if your lips are constantly chapped like mine.


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